About Liz

10 Things About Me.

Hello. My name is Liz.
I love crafting…. dolls, knitting, sewing and crochet and collecting vintage bit and pieces from the 50s, 60s & 70s.

1. My Knitted Rock star dolls were features in Mojo magazine in 2001. This is where the name Woollyrockers comes from.
 photo mojomag_zps73063e0c.jpg

2. My first proper job was in a shop selling fabric & sewing machines. this is where I learned to sew. I have a little shop at Etsy for Blythe sweaters & dresses

3. I’ve always felt like I was born out of my time. I grew up with my mum & my grandparents and have very happy memories of the early 70’s, especially the design, print, pattern, graphics & toys!

4. I used to be a Mod. A proper one with asymetric bob, white pvc boots and home made flowery shift dresses.

5. I try to juggle a full time job, looking after a home and 2 shops at Etsy: Woollyrockers (Blythe Knits) & Snapdragon Pop! for Handmade vintage-inspired accessories.

6. Cute Vintage fabric prints make me weak!

7. I have a collection of around 40 Blythe dolls.

8. I  love the early 60’s British ‘Kitchen Sink’ films. I find them really positive and inspiring.

9.  My idea of the perfect day is to have nothing else to do but stay at home sewing, making a mess getting out fabric, ribbon, trims & buttons.

10. I am a bit of an efficiency freak. I love making lists, planning & organising and making the most of every moment.

Please do subscribe for updates on newly available dolls &  tour adventures. You can also contact me directly at:

woollyrockers @gmail.com

Happy reading!

Liz. xx
 photo ERliz2bw_zpsf121b41f.jpg

This is a picture from 2001, when my dolls were in Mojo Magazine

Liz....in 2001!

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