Orders – Commission Info

I would like to think that I could make pretty much anyone! Obviously the more distinctive looking the better. Ideally I would need a full-length colour picture of the desired character.

The dolls are available in two sizes.

Large – ££ Around £80. 

Height is around 12 to 14 inches or roughly 35 centimetres or the approximate height of a wine bottle. I put them in Wine bottle boxes. The most important feature of these doll is that the have a wire frame which makes them posable and they can stand up by themselves because the wire goes though their feet and they are self supporting. You are able to make them sit stand, strum a guitar and hold items.

Small Price – £  Around £50.00

Small for bands, couples just a smaller cuter individual doll the small size is around 8 or 9 inches or 22 to 24 centimeters. they do not have a wire frame. They are just filled with polyester stuffing. This size of doll still takes at least around a day to make.

Here is a comparison picture in a vintage Sindy kitchen. Allen Ginsberg is a Large size with a wire frame. The others are small with just stuffing.
 photo Sizecomrarison.jpg

If you are interested in having a doll made please send am email to woollyrockers@gmail.com with a picture and size specification – small or large.

Thank you,



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