Pictures of all rockers to date!!

The very first dolls were featured in Mojo Magazine in 2001. They featured the Sgt. Pepper Beatles, The Byrds and The Who and they asked me to make Led Zeppelin. They said that initially they were going to be given away as a competition prize, but I have it on good authority that instead they adorn the Mojo office Christmas tree. thank you to Lois Wilson for publishing the article!

 photo mojomag.jpg

The early dolls were very simple. They were actually based on a patterns for nursery rhyme characters my grandma had in a knitting magazine. I probably made Miss Muffet & Little Boy Blue as a child… then one day when I was extremely bored one summer between university terms I adapted little Boy Blue, into the Sgt Pepper Beatles. I just had to make the jacket a little longer and add embroidery and epaulettes! Others from this period included….

Abba. Dresses in the ‘Arrival’ cover outfits.

 photo Abba_zpsc7c436ac.jpg

The Small Faces… Very mod! photo Smallfaces_zps38438893.jpg

The Byrds.. Mr Tambourine Man, first Album cover line up. photo Byrds1_zps3908ec93.jpg

Beatles Sgt Pepper.
 photo SgtPetterBeatles_zps853b5d10.jpg

A lot of the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! This was a bit of an obsession for a while!
I recently dug them all out and too them to a nearby cemetery… where else?
 photo liznbuffies2.jpg

The Monkees
 photo monkees3_zps133907a7.jpg

Simon & Garfunkel
 photo SimonampGarfunkel2_zpse9b6d26d.jpg

The Mammas & Pappas
 photo MammasampPappas1_zpsd7df919f.jpg

Roy Wood!
 photo roywood2_zpsda040f74.jpg

Fleetwood Mac
 photo FleetwoodMac6_zps3343a163.jpg

Then they started getting a little bigger! I added a wire frame to the design so they were more posable and the body shape was a little more realistic with shaped shoulders, neck and head.

Beatles Abbey Road
 photo AbbeyRoad2_zpscfa4a267.jpg

Beatles Help!
 photo BeatlesHelp2_zpseae6f831.jpg

The Beach Boys Pet Sounds cover line up
 photo beachboys6_zpsa3a521d5.jpg

Amy Winehouse with mega boufant!
 photo Amy5_zps9907605b.jpg

Dusty Springfield… with eyelashes & moderate boufant!
 photo Dusty4_zps1b7b441d.jpg

Tom Waits… with removable hat!
 photo tomW4.jpg

Jerry Garcia with custom guitar. Thank you lovely Tom & Lisa!
 photo jerrywguitar1_zpsfe498ad7.jpg

Neil Young
 photo NYoung2.jpg

Jackie Geene x 3! For the lovely Lisa again. On of these was given to the man himself!
 photo finishedjackie1.jpg

Gene Clark pictured here with our buddy Sid Griffin.
 photo IMG_5879.jpg

I also made A LOT of Bob Dylans starting up again in 2014 after encouragement from the Dylan community at Expecting Rain. Some of them even follower Bob on tour!

Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob in the Savoy alleyway.
 photo savoyalley1_zpseaba458b.jpg

Jack Fate (2003 Masked & Anonymous character). I made a lot of these!
 photo wipfinished4_zps5e506ef8.jpg

1966 Live Bob
 photo HoundstoothBob_zps87bb218d.jpg

Highway 61 Album cover Bob
 photo germany2.jpg

2001 Dylan.. for Nicole
 photo 2001Bob3.jpg

Rolling Thunder Revue Bob… with special flowers on his hat!
 photo bobinbox.jpg

Alias, character from Pat Garret & Billy The Kid
 photo alias3.jpg

Bob in the Traveling Wilburys. These now appropriately belong to Dave, who is Roy Orbison in the Trembling Wilburys! So Roy has a really good home! (I would still like to do Jeff Lynne again)

 photo wilbs.jpg

 photo OctBeatlesDay8.jpg

Branched out in to writers, philosophers and others mixing up the small and large sizes on a a whim depending on who took my fancy!

Allen Ginsberg, Large size doll. Here he is at the Beat Hotel in Paris
 photo BeatHotel1.jpg

Ross & Demelza Poldark by the river in Richmond
 photo StrawberryHill31.jpg

Townes Van Zandt… because he’s an amazing songwriter!
 photo TownesVanZandt14.jpg

Simone De Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Satre. Here they are at Montparnasse cemetery in Paris.
 photo Montparnasse7.jpg

Albert Camus, French Existentialist philosopher & Writer
 photo camus19.jpg

Most recently in 2015 I did a huge commission for the marvelous Mr Mick Fleetwood! I was able to deliver his four sets of Fleetwood Mac dolls to him backstage at the 02.
 photo 11.jpg

Elliott Smith hanging around in East London near Aldgate.
 photo aldgate4.jpg

The Pet Sounds Beach Boys went on show! Here are the guys in the window on Snap Gglleries in Piccadilly.
 photo gallery1.jpg

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