The Pre-Raphaelites at William Morris’s Red House

So… I really love the Pre-Raphaelites. I wrote my dissertation on Lizzie Sidall and Ive always loved William Morris ans his ideas about craftsmanship. So I’ve been wanting to visit William Morris’s Red House for a while now. When I went yesterday I seemed like a good idea to take the knitted Pre-Raphaelites with me.

They are….

 photo RedHouse1.jpg

William and Jane had a good look around the house.  This is the Wedding mural that they are both painted into.
 photo RedHouse17.jpg
The lovely Arts & Crafts stairway… very medieval!
 photo RedHouse18.jpg
Admiring the wall paper! Jane looks happy with it.
 photo RedHouse15.jpgx

…. And the garden, which was beautiful.

 photo RedHouse13.jpg

The aspect from the front.. All the gang appreciated it.
 photo RedHouse14.jpg
… and the well!
 photo RedHouse12.jpg
 photo RedHouse10.jpg

I showed the tour guide, Steve, who got a few colleagues to come and see them. Then he asked, would I show then to Robynn, the House manager who was working in the shop. So they came out again.. on the counter.

She was very happy to see them all.
 photo RedHouse19.jpg


It was a really lovely day out & well worth a visit. More at:


Beach Boys… on Show!

So….These have been along time in the making. I was asked to make two sets of Pet Sound Beach Boys and two additional Brian Wilson by Guy White at Snap Galleries. This was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pet Sounds and Brian Wilson’s shows at the Palladium in May 2016.

 photo gallery1.jpg

I have loved this album for year and was REALLY tempted to get tickets for the Palladium shows myself, then I remembered seeing if for the first time at the Royal Festival Hall when he played there. That was stunning. tears & all. I though I’d content myself with that amazing experience!

 photo PetSoundscover.jpg

I worked in the Boys for around 2 months when I could… there were times when I was really quite behind and wasn’t sure I would have 2 sets & 2 Brians ready for May!

I am pleased with how they came out. During this process I found a new way to improve the whole quality of the figures. In stead of using regular stuffing I wrapped the wire frame with strips of wadding. All the wire is nicely concealed that way.

 photo newboys.jpg

They look amazing in the galley window!

 photo gallery2.jpg

WoollyRockers Records – The CD has landed!

This is an exciting announcement, the first ever WoollyRockers Records CD, release no.1!!

It’s called Tumbleweedin’ by Jay Fynn/Exit From The Auditorium. Six track CD; Indie, Folk.
I did the photography for the cover image, all my favourite things: it’s Jay Fynn and a woolly Townes Van Zandt doll in a launderette.


Tumbleweedin’ by Exit From the Auditorium.
Newly written songs by Mr. Jay Fynn – all amazing! Here’s a little bit about each one:
1. Chasing Leaves
This is a glimpse into the world of Mr Fynn’s profession as a gardener and precision mower. Stories of the gardening gang; the van, the leaves…..which don’t ever seem to stop. The beautiful chorus goes…
I’ve been chasing leaves all morning
And I just can’t seem to stop yawning
Cos chasing leaves is boring
Cos the leaves just keep, keep, keep on falling
2. If The World Ended Tomorrow
Jaunty little number in the style of a traditional folk song, like “What Did You Learn In School Today?” Hypothetical funny ramblings about not having to do the boring things anymore, partly inspired by Jay’s other job working in retail….
If the world ended tomorrow I wouldn’t have to go to work
Or polish my work boots or iron my work shirt
No moronic fools, no more rules to follow
If the world ended tomorrow
3. On The Townes Tonight
Part Ballad, part-homage to the late great Mr Townes Van Zandt. Really lovely opening based on a specific personal recollection of an evening spent listening to Townes, moves along to a verse about TVZ’s life with references to various quotes, like the Steve Earle one….
So lets dance on Bob Dylan’s coffee table
Wear your favourite cowboy boots and I’ll wear mine
From the Texas plains to the mountains of Colorado
Counting stars on the Nashville skyline
We’re on the Townes Tonight
The final verse is about the unknown fate of the woolly Townes doll – who knows where he is now? I took him out on the town and after some guitaring and a few too may beers he made his escape in the Golden Eagle pub in Marylebone during one of its famous piano sing-alongs. It was a very fitting place to lose woolly Townes…
The road’s his home so he went a-ramblin’
The cowboy poet wrote his last line
I am thrilled to have inspired such a beautiful song with my love of Townes van Zandt.
4. Must-See TV
This one has such a great happy melody. Guess these shows!?
I once taught chemistry
You’ve not got long to live they said to me
So I started cooking meth
I was an ad exec
With a dead mans name on my pay check
And whisky on my breath
There are more verses and as well as the Must-See TV verse there’s an extra amazing catchy refrain with a few more clues, it goes…
From New York to New Mexico, New Jersey to New Orleans
5. Generic Love Song
Inspired by a number of encounters with a couple of supposed ‘professional’ songwriters who were meant to exemplify excellence in the field of songwriting. To Mr Fynn however this particular pair of songsters were guilty of heinous cliches, generic drivel and uninspired blandness. Here’s a snippet…
Something about sunsets and something about fate
Forgive me if I don’t write you a generic middle eight
6. The Music He Makes
The longest song of the collection at nearly 4 minutes. It doesn’t really matter who this one is about, you don’t need to know to appreciate the song. There are clues. It’s a beautiful melody…I think it must be the lilting quality and the minor chords, but this is a bit of a tear jerker. It gets to me….
I’ll never forget the first time I heard him sing
The room was so silent you could hear the drop of a pin
After the show I shook his hand and he signed my merch stand CD
The music he makes speaks to me
So we have six songs: different tempos, different tones, sincere and beautiful, funny and ironic; a lovely mix. All with something unique to say about modern life and songwriting.

 photo tumbleweedingCD1.jpg

You can  buy the CD HERE in the WoollyRockers Shop!

Here’s a lovely out-take from the photo session.

 photo wall1.jpg


Elliott Smith in Aldgate

Ive been keeping my eye out for a suitable dramatic back drop for some more Elliott Smith picture. I was looking for somewhere a bit run down with graffiti.

These picture are in Aldgate near Petticoat Lane food market. It was a lovely sunny day.
 photo aldgate4.jpg

Sorry about he Danger of Death sign! I didn’t realise that was there. Dramatic stuff indeed!

 photo aldgate1.jpg

Main Road with the market stalls.

 photo aldgate2.jpg

Broken windows in the multi story car park, currently being demolished.

Well sometimes there beauty everywhere. I like the broken windows.

 photo ESmith1.jpg

Elliott Smith is also available to buy here.
Thank you,


Singer/Songwriter – Elliott Smith

I’m having a bit of an Elliott Smith phase right now.. particularly the Either/Or album. I remember when it first came out, the songs had a really uncanny familiar quality. Like I’d heard them before when I hadn’t, then on a second listening feeling like I was already really familiar with them. It was a little bit uncanny.

I saw the ‘Heaven Adores You’ film a a few weeks ago and that really stayed with me.

So I wanted to make Elliott Smith…obviously!
I took him to the record store!
 photo recordshop1.jpg

 photo recordshop.jpg

The Singer/Songwriter & Sixties section, because he would have liked that, I think.


 photo ESmith2.jpg

My favorite Elliott Smith album. I do keep playing Alameda on the guitar too!  Still learning that one.

Comrade…..Karl Marx!

Welcome Comerades,

Please meet the esteemed Mr. Karl Marx.

I thought he’d be good for some fun with quotes! This building is  church in London  near Tottenham Court road.. although it look like some sort of municipal council town hall type building!
 photo Marxopium1.jpg

 photo Marxopium2.jpg


 photo Marxopium3.jpg

So religion &  money… the things you are not supposed to discuss. Karl talks about everything!

 photo marx.jpg


Next stop for Mr Marx… Highgate cemetery of course!

Hopefully next week. That’s the plan….with our buddy Mr. Dave C.

The Big Woolly Lebowski

So, It was Saturday night. Bowling Night for the Big Lebowski guys. Well, every night is bowling night unless you are chasing down Nihilists or hanging out with Maud.

At the Bowling lanes…….With Jesus, Donny, Walter & The Dude! Drinks first…….

 photo Bowling13.jpg

Then admiring some memorabilia….
 photo Bowling4.jpg


OK….Now the sound of The Eagles Hotel California, Mexican Style because the Jesus just bowled a killer Strike!!!

 photo Bowling3.jpg

Walter looks worried!!

 photo Bowling12.jpg

He takes it out on Donny!
 photo Bowling1.jpg


In the meantime The Dude has on of his acid flashbacks….an enormous rack of huge bowling shoes!!

 photo Bowling2.jpg

They take a break and sit down…….

 photo Bowling9.jpg
But not for too long……
 photo Bowling11.jpg
 photo Bowling7.jpg