Continued Adventures…

This page is so people can keep in touch! I’ve had a few pictures of dolls with their new owners, continuing to please….

This is Pauline’s Jack Fate.. Hmm. He has a new found interest in birdwatching it seems?

She says…. “Jack keeps my company during the many hours I spend at the computer. That’s Steve Earle’s novel on the left behind him ‘I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive’. It’s a great read, as the title suggests, the story features the ghost of Hank Williams!”   Thanks Pauline, Please do keep us posted on his mischievous doings. 🙂

 photo PaulinesJack_n.jpg
We met up for a couple of drinks with the lovely, Paul, who was very kind and bought Jack for a gift… and he’s patiently waiting for one of his own… not long now I promise.

Thank you Paul. I’m looking forward to catching up with you again soon for more fascinating chat about music and anything & everything else.
 photo paulnjack_zps8942e5c5.jpg
This Mr Fate has arrived in Norway. You can tell by the slick modern interior.  This is a tasteful guy.  His plans for world domination are equaled only by his desire to relax with a single malt and slip int something elegant, of course,  its is his favorite, classy grey musical notes ensemble. It’s lucky for  poker, too.

 photo 10615641_10152613297960409_3180814525129502489_n_zpsa7ebb76f.jpg

Jack arrived with Pauline in Durham today. Look what greeted him!
Jack loves bubbles, too….

 photo bubbles_zps0a9a1e15.jpg

Thanks Pauline & Congratulations of the fabulous exam results today.

This cute girl is getting a good musical education courtesy of Jack Fate a Rolling Thunder Bob. Nice photography skills too. Thank you for allowing me to share these pictures Ryan.

Please keep in touch. xx

 photo photo22_zps735c7a1a.jpg

 photo photo15_zpsabd0b746.jpg

Here are Jack & Jerry Garcia heading home with Tom to meet Lisa.

Travelling in style..

 photo 10330368_10201315362686229_3274809511632592909_n_zps44b22453.jpg


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