Singer/Songwriter – Elliott Smith

I’m having a bit of an Elliott Smith phase right now.. particularly the Either/Or album. I remember when it first came out, the songs had a really uncanny familiar quality. Like I’d heard them before when I hadn’t, then on a second listening feeling like I was already really familiar with them. It was a little bit uncanny.

I saw the ‘Heaven Adores You’ film a a few weeks ago and that really stayed with me.

So I wanted to make Elliott Smith…obviously!
I took him to the record store!
 photo recordshop1.jpg

 photo recordshop.jpg

The Singer/Songwriter & Sixties section, because he would have liked that, I think.


 photo ESmith2.jpg

My favorite Elliott Smith album. I do keep playing Alameda on the guitar too!  Still learning that one.

Comrade…..Karl Marx!

Welcome Comerades,

Please meet the esteemed Mr. Karl Marx.

I thought he’d be good for some fun with quotes! This building is  church in London  near Tottenham Court road.. although it look like some sort of municipal council town hall type building!
 photo Marxopium1.jpg

 photo Marxopium2.jpg


 photo Marxopium3.jpg

So religion &  money… the things you are not supposed to discuss. Karl talks about everything!

 photo marx.jpg


Next stop for Mr Marx… Highgate cemetery of course!

Hopefully next week. That’s the plan….with our buddy Mr. Dave C.

The Big Woolly Lebowski

So, It was Saturday night. Bowling Night for the Big Lebowski guys. Well, every night is bowling night unless you are chasing down Nihilists or hanging out with Maud.

At the Bowling lanes…….With Jesus, Donny, Walter & The Dude! Drinks first…….

 photo Bowling13.jpg

Then admiring some memorabilia….
 photo Bowling4.jpg


OK….Now the sound of The Eagles Hotel California, Mexican Style because the Jesus just bowled a killer Strike!!!

 photo Bowling3.jpg

Walter looks worried!!

 photo Bowling12.jpg

He takes it out on Donny!
 photo Bowling1.jpg


In the meantime The Dude has on of his acid flashbacks….an enormous rack of huge bowling shoes!!

 photo Bowling2.jpg

They take a break and sit down…….

 photo Bowling9.jpg
But not for too long……
 photo Bowling11.jpg
 photo Bowling7.jpg

Simone De Beauvior & Jean -Paul Satre revisit Paris

Last week I went to Paris! It is a beautiful city and I had great friends to visit, so Thank you Isabelle & Thierry!

It was the perfect opportunity to take the Existentialists, Jean-Paul Satre & Simone De Beauvoir to revisit some of their old haunts. So with Isabelle we did the alternative tour of Existentialist Paris

Coffee at the Cafe De Flore
 photo CafeDeFlore1.jpg

 photo CafeDeFlore5.jpg
A word about the lobsters…I read that Jean-Paul Satre took mescaline and had hallucinations that lobsters were following him everywhere. So… I knitted him some ‘hallucinations’!

Cafe Deux Magots, which doesn’t mean maggots. It means two small monkeys!
 photo DeuxMagotts1.jpg

The Boulevard sign…
 photo PlaceSimonampJP.jpg

Brasserie Lipp
 photo BrasreieLipp.jpg

Montparnasse Cemetery where the real Simone & Jean-Paul are buried.

 photo Montparnasse5.jpg

 photo Montparnasse7.jpg

Finally, the Sorbonne, where they met and studied.
 photo Sorbone1.jpg

It was much better that the usual sightseeing touristy tour of Paris!

More Albert Camus on the Absurdity of Life

More Existentialist meanderings…Albert Camus on the absurdity of life. He is inspired… while wandering the streets.
 photo camus18.jpg

 photo camus10.jpg
 photo camus9.jpg
 photo camus15.jpg

 photo camus17.jpg

 photo camus21.jpg
Taking the photos is fun but I love adding the quotes!
 photo camus8.jpg

He’s right at home with Jean-Paul Satre and Simone De Beauvoir at the Cafe De Flore….
 photo camus24.jpg

I always really enjoy these school of Life Films..this Camus one is especially good.

Meeting Mick Fleetwood

So,  after 3 months of working of the four sets of Fleetwood Mac dolls the day came yesterday to hand them over in person to the lovely Mr. Fleetwood himself! I couldn’t quite imagine exactly how it was going to work out but it worked brilliantly! Mick’s personal assistant met us and took us to the auditorium where we sat in in a pre-show meet & greet where Mick was talking and taking questions. I wasn’t expecting to be in of that but it was really fascinating. Mick explained how he appreciated craftsmanship in things like shoes and clothes which are hand made. We both like shoe shopping it turns out……  photo 12.jpg Mick’s balls have a mind of their own and they are a lot of fun to play with. I’m glad I got the colours right. They are made of wax thread with beads on the end.  photo 5balls.jpg He was very dapper and very kind. He really seemed to like to dolls. He kissed the Stevie Nick one!  photo 1lg.jpg It was so god of him to pose for pictures with me and he even suggested getting all four boxes out and lining then up to get a propper sense of how much work was in them and the scale of the task.  photo 11.jpg  photo dolls.jpg

Mick said his plan was to give them to other members of the band at some point.. so I hope they like them too! Mick’s assistant tried to grab a Lindsay/’LB’ obviously for some mischief, but Mick said No. They have to be given at the right time. I hope they were & Happy Birthday Mick!

For me it was a pleasure to have made these for Mick.  Thank you Mick, Robert & Jenny for helping to make this happen and Steve for coming with me and taking the pictures with my infuriating camera!

Tom Waits and Jay Fynn

Before Christmas I made a special commission Tom Waits. This one had some really specific requirements. He had to be animate-able so he has a removable hat and his jacket can open or close with a press stud. I received a couple of pictures of Tom in his new place last week..


 photo 9cc89c06-f895-4a96-81d6-14c45242a12b.jpg

 photo 9f5e7857-3731-401d-8c72-09d0bf6e9c87.jpg

The best thing though is that Tom is living with one of the most awesomely talented song writers I have ever encountered…. (& I have know one or two).  I’m very happy to have made the acquaintance of time fabulous Mr. Jay Fynn.

Please take a listen to these beautiful songs. There are four collections of 22 songs in all:

I think what I love is the gentle soothing melodies, intricate guitar finger picking and beautiful words and quite honestly how they make you feel! After a listening to a couple of these, somehow all is well in the world again!

I am on a bit of a mission to contribute to the Jay Fynn recording fund because after a catch up last week it’s evident that there is so much more incredible material and I really want to hear more….a collection of songs about celebrities/influences, the ‘icons’ series including Mr. Waits who may become animated.. or not (but who cares), murder ballads! Funny songs about how kittens don’t break your heart, a collection of songs in Spanish, sexy songs about playing scrabble. For now though please enjoy these & do share. The songs can be downloaded for between £0 & any amount you’d like.

In the crazy world we live songs like these which offer some respite and relief from troubles are extremely precious… Enjoy the magic of Jay Fynn.

Jay Fynn…with Tom!
 photo Stevespub1.jpg


Highway 61!!

OK…. One more Bob done!!!

I finished this Highway 61 Bob last light. I’m going out to night to see Sid Griffin, so I thought I need to to introduce a new Bob! He’s met Jack Fate twice already.
 photo Hwy611.jpg

I tried to get the detail right for the Triumph Motorcycle T-shirt!
 photo Hwy61detail.jpg

Next step.. try to set up to photograph the LP cover. I’m sure I can use a Blythe doll to stand at the back holding a camera.
 photo Hwycover.jpg

I have so many more to finish but they are all really close. Mainly just needing hair!

I have a feeling these might all need to stay with Jane Fate in Germany for a while & I need to stop making these… because it makes me feel like a crazy person!

 photo inprogress.jpg

Three new Jack Fate’s available now

I have just today completed three more Jack Fates. That’s Bob Dylan’s ‘Masked and Anonymous’ character form on 2003 film.
These are all ready to post now in time for Christmas.

 photo December20141.jpgYou will get…
Jack Fate
Miniature Replica guitar (black Fender telecaster)
Adjustable Guitar strap
Certificate, signed and numbered
Gift box

These are all numbered limited editions and these three are numbers eleven to thirteen. Each doll takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete. They have a strong wire frame inside which means that it’s very easy for him to stand up by himself and his arms can easily be moved around to strum the guitar.

I am asking £90 for each doll, plus postage depending on where he’s travelling to.

Interested.. maybe? Please send an email to Liz

These guys need to find good homes!

 photo December20144.jpg

 photo December20146.jpg

By very special request…..Neil Young!

I’m a big fan on Neil Young so I really enjoyed making this one! It’s the Buffalo Springfield Era… So many great songwriters in that band! I love all their albums.

 photo 53aecebdce5b718da1bf7b10cbfcd223.jpg

But this was fun because of all the details…Namely the fringing & beads in his Indian tunic.

 photo NYoung3.jpg
 photo NYoung4.jpg

He has an authentic replica “Old Black” guitar.
 photo NYoung2.jpg

 photo NYoung7.jpg