Jack Heads to Dublin for Another Show

Tuesday 17th June

Show time. Tonight in Dublin. Better get on the tour bus…

 photo 1bus_zps50dcbd55.jpg


In the arena the crowd assembles for…….

 photo 4_zps9d06cb50.jpg

 photo 3_zps8a871484.jpg


The real Bob!

But Jack was there too…

 photo 6_zpsa5f61ad2.jpg

 photo 7_zpsbfce42be.jpg

 photo 9_zps26e70d9c.jpg

 photo 5_zps590c44a9.jpg

 photo 8_zpsb5d51cc8.jpg

Got to love a post show Mojito!

 photo 10_zpsa2a73d4d.jpg

then, on to another joint. Jack made a few more friends…

 photo 13_zps12f6b73a.jpg

… and ended up in a late night diner.

 photo 12_zps2b390f6a.jpg


 photo 11_zps94b36ba5.jpg


I’ve had so much fun going to the 2 shows at Cork and Dublin. Jack has a new home in Germany with Renaldo & Jane Fate, but IĀ  just planned another tour trip, to rendezvous with Jack & Co in Vienna. I think the real Bob is playing too. Yay!

Liz. x

Jack Fate entertains in Cork, Monday 15th June

Well today was exciting for Jack. He met a lot of people, as you do in the road. I think he has some new fans, He was signing autographs…

 photo corkshow1_zpsa70efc83.jpg

Having his picture taken by random strangers and generally entertainingĀ  line on people assembled in a line out side a very large tent….

 photo corkshow2_zpsa303945a.jpg


Waiting for……..

 photo bust_zps2bba5d97.jpg


The real Bob!! Who was very jolly this evening and played an amazing show.

 photo corkshow4_zpsf977bb8f.jpg

 photo bust1_zpse08aef72.jpg

 photo corkshow3_zps7bfb7eda.jpg

 photo corkshow5_zps3d4ead15.jpg

 photo corkshow6_zpsbe3ae235.jpg

…and still time for an after show pint with the fans!
 photo corkshow7_zps86b6aff1.jpg

Jack Fate at Blarney Castle, Sunday

Sunday 15th June

It was a lovely day to visit Blarney Castle. Wonderful and sunny. It it was a quiet morning before all the tourists arrive, so Jack could get around and see the castle and gardens.

He saw the castle…

 photo Blarney1_zpsf1e4a9e7.jpg

 photo Blarney3_zps776d19f2.jpg

 photo Blarney4_zpsbcb1a1fc.jpg


The beautiful rose gardens…

 photo Blarney5_zps9aa045cf.jpg


He found some money on the way…..

 photo Blarney6_zps4b0e33a1.jpg

 photo Blarney8_zps61501d29.jpg


A Beautiful waterfall…

 photo Blarney9_zpsd999b461.jpg

It was a lovely relaxing morning day before show ime tomorrow!