New Jack Fates…..

For the last couple on months I’ve been working on a number of Jack Fates…. now all finished. Here’s a few pictures from along the way…

These are the ‘skins’ before ant wire frame or stuffing.

 photo wip4_zps00242988.jpg


Guitars… It’s not really possible to do proper “sunburst” so thee are various shades of brown.

 photo wip7_zps57a337bf.jpg


Getting there…. faces and arms.

 photo wip5_zpsf812258a.jpg

Finally finished today…Six Jack Fates!  Unbelievably….. they all are spoken for!

 photo wipfinished1_zps984de985.jpg

 photo wipfinished2_zpsdab79bdb.jpg

 photo wipfinished4_zps5e506ef8.jpg

Jack Fate – Orders update 6 slots


Mainly for me to keep track and to reassure people who want  a Jack Fate that I am on it!

1.  Thomas (paid) & Lisa Jerry Garcia collecting together

Ready! Collection arranged.
 photo JerryJack1_zps0eb26ff5.jpg
2.  Pauline posted

3.  Jim – paid sending August

4. Ryan (by 26th July)  POSTED

5. Linda (waiting for Linda…

6. One for me.. Liz DONE

7. Sir D. Posted
 photo corkshow1_zpsa70efc83.jpg
LATEST… Orders open now for the famous Jack Fate!
So far I just made the one one prototype. He’s been an absolute super star on the road! Everywhere he’s been people have wanted to meet him and take his picture. Jack Fate Number One will be seeing may more shows, so please do subscribe to the blog for news and tour adventures.

JACK FATE will have an electric stratocaster guitar, gift box and limited edition signed certificate. He will be £90.00 + postage.

Any more? Please get in touch:

Jack Heads to Dublin for Another Show

Tuesday 17th June

Show time. Tonight in Dublin. Better get on the tour bus…

 photo 1bus_zps50dcbd55.jpg


In the arena the crowd assembles for…….

 photo 4_zps9d06cb50.jpg

 photo 3_zps8a871484.jpg


The real Bob!

But Jack was there too…

 photo 6_zpsa5f61ad2.jpg

 photo 7_zpsbfce42be.jpg

 photo 9_zps26e70d9c.jpg

 photo 5_zps590c44a9.jpg

 photo 8_zpsb5d51cc8.jpg

Got to love a post show Mojito!

 photo 10_zpsa2a73d4d.jpg

then, on to another joint. Jack made a few more friends…

 photo 13_zps12f6b73a.jpg

… and ended up in a late night diner.

 photo 12_zps2b390f6a.jpg


 photo 11_zps94b36ba5.jpg


I’ve had so much fun going to the 2 shows at Cork and Dublin. Jack has a new home in Germany with Renaldo & Jane Fate, but I  just planned another tour trip, to rendezvous with Jack & Co in Vienna. I think the real Bob is playing too. Yay!

Liz. x

Jack Fate entertains in Cork, Monday 15th June

Well today was exciting for Jack. He met a lot of people, as you do in the road. I think he has some new fans, He was signing autographs…

 photo corkshow1_zpsa70efc83.jpg

Having his picture taken by random strangers and generally entertaining  line on people assembled in a line out side a very large tent….

 photo corkshow2_zpsa303945a.jpg


Waiting for……..

 photo bust_zps2bba5d97.jpg


The real Bob!! Who was very jolly this evening and played an amazing show.

 photo corkshow4_zpsf977bb8f.jpg

 photo bust1_zpse08aef72.jpg

 photo corkshow3_zps7bfb7eda.jpg

 photo corkshow5_zps3d4ead15.jpg

 photo corkshow6_zpsbe3ae235.jpg

…and still time for an after show pint with the fans!
 photo corkshow7_zps86b6aff1.jpg

Jack Fate at Blarney Castle, Sunday

Sunday 15th June

It was a lovely day to visit Blarney Castle. Wonderful and sunny. It it was a quiet morning before all the tourists arrive, so Jack could get around and see the castle and gardens.

He saw the castle…

 photo Blarney1_zpsf1e4a9e7.jpg

 photo Blarney3_zps776d19f2.jpg

 photo Blarney4_zpsbcb1a1fc.jpg


The beautiful rose gardens…

 photo Blarney5_zps9aa045cf.jpg


He found some money on the way…..

 photo Blarney6_zps4b0e33a1.jpg

 photo Blarney8_zps61501d29.jpg


A Beautiful waterfall…

 photo Blarney9_zpsd999b461.jpg

It was a lovely relaxing morning day before show ime tomorrow!


Jack Fate takes a Walk in Cork.

I made a ‘Jack Fate’ rocker. That’s Bob Dylan in the film Masked and Anonymous.

Well, I’m very pleased with how he came out. Right now he’s following the real Bob on Tour! I arrived in Cork today and caught a glimpse of the real Bob’s tour bus leaving the airport.  After the next couple of shows in Ireland he will be setting down in Germany, except for touring commitments, obviously. We had a little evening walk around he Beautiful City of Cork and stopped for a few pictures.


 photo CorkJack2_zps841fe0c7.jpg

 photo CorkJack3_zpsfc51dee5.jpg

 photo CorkJack4_zpsa86ee1c4.jpg

 photo CorkJack5_zpsce22ab1d.jpg

 photo CorkJack6_zps541c2cb9.jpg

 photo CorkJack7_zps68d497e5.jpg

 photo CorkJack8_zps68745cea.jpg

 photo CorkJack9_zps8d28438c.jpg

 photo CorkJack10_zpsd604dff2.jpg

 photo CorkJack11_zps5e61328c.jpg

 photo CorkJack1_zps66f79e57.jpg

 photo CorkJack13_zps5a4b7498.jpg

Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue – Inspiration and sources

I love Bob Dylan!

I really love Bob Dylan and 1975-6 Rolling Thunder Era was, I think the most fun to try a knit, because of the lovely details of the flowers on the hat etc…. so this has been a really fun project.
I wanted to share some pictures I used for research…The whole ensemble…
 photo Woolbobscarpet_zps321a088e.jpg


white face..
 photo 609fca87a9bb909abe82f54317da40a7_zps27f2d75d.jpg

Flower on the grey fedora hat..

 photo 4facf38fc833f7c2c5576845969e6fda_zps718ea7e5.jpg

 photo rtr2_zpsb5b8cc83.gif


In the making of mine……

Stage 1…..images from books….
 photo wiprtr_zps7d4aee12.jpg

Stage 2……
 photo Woolbobs1_zps284b8414.jpg

 photo Woolbobguitar_zpsb823fe3b.jpg

 photo bobline2_zps52d2b63a.jpg

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this era please call me immediately for a chat/beer … or check out
Renaldo & Clara if you have a spare 4 hours. It is brilliant !!

If you don’t have a spare 4 hours start with Tangled up in Blue here.
It’s stunning!

Rolling Thunder Bob Dylan…a few!

Ok… these are for the lovely people at Expecting Rain (my new favorite online haunt, beats facebook any day!)

No 1 – Bob (RESERVED for JP)
Black flowery guitar strap
 photo 1bob_zps96f57122.jpg
 photo 1bob1_zps14cb09bf.jpg

Brown scorlly guitar strap
 photo 2bob_zpsdda2720d.jpg
 photo 2bob2_zpsd87173b9.jpg

Bob 3 RESERVED for R_G
Blue, red &b yellow guitar strap
 photo 3bob2_zpsa2fa299e.jpg
 photo 3bob_zpsa100f323.jpg

Bob 4
Black Flowery guitar strap
 photo 4bob_zpsf764036f.jpg
 photo 4bob1_zpse05934fc.jpg
 photo 4bob2_zps326b6274.jpg

Bob 5
Blue flowery guitar strap
 photo 5bob_zpsf02f85fd.jpg
 photo 5bob1_zpsd4c09305.jpg
 photo 5bob2_zps7c0df541.jpg

Bob 6
White flowery guitar strap (BHS)
 photo 6bob_zps4f44e456.jpg
 photo 6bob1_zpsc58a097a.jpg
 photo 6bob2_zpsec76a21b.jpg