Dylans on display at Snap Galleries

So…. I had this idea to make lots of Dylans and photograph them all, to try to replicate the LP covers. It never quite happened because I made a lot… Too many, really, and they were never all completed.

I never thought anything would happen to them, but I have been finishing them all to coincide with the Danile Kramer photography exhibition at SNAP Galleries.

Can you spot them all?

 photo SnapGalleries1.jpg

Yesterday I also dropped off two more folky Bobs. I think these two are my favorites… of and Nashville Skyline Bob because of his guitar.

 photo folkbob2.jpg

 photo folkbob5.jpg


Tom Waits and Jay Fynn

Before Christmas I made a special commission Tom Waits. This one had some really specific requirements. He had to be animate-able so he has a removable hat and his jacket can open or close with a press stud. I received a couple of pictures of Tom in his new place last week..


 photo 9cc89c06-f895-4a96-81d6-14c45242a12b.jpg

 photo 9f5e7857-3731-401d-8c72-09d0bf6e9c87.jpg

The best thing though is that Tom is living with one of the most awesomely talented song writers I have ever encountered…. (& I have know one or two).  I’m very happy to have made the acquaintance of time fabulous Mr. Jay Fynn.

Please take a listen to these beautiful songs. There are four collections of 22 songs in all:


I think what I love is the gentle soothing melodies, intricate guitar finger picking and beautiful words and quite honestly how they make you feel! After a listening to a couple of these, somehow all is well in the world again!

I am on a bit of a mission to contribute to the Jay Fynn recording fund because after a catch up last week it’s evident that there is so much more incredible material and I really want to hear more….a collection of songs about celebrities/influences, the ‘icons’ series including Mr. Waits who may become animated.. or not (but who cares), murder ballads! Funny songs about how kittens don’t break your heart, a collection of songs in Spanish, sexy songs about playing scrabble. For now though please enjoy these & do share. The songs can be downloaded for between £0 & any amount you’d like.

In the crazy world we live songs like these which offer some respite and relief from troubles are extremely precious… Enjoy the magic of Jay Fynn.

Jay Fynn…with Tom!
 photo Stevespub1.jpg


Three new Jack Fate’s available now

I have just today completed three more Jack Fates. That’s Bob Dylan’s ‘Masked and Anonymous’ character form on 2003 film.
These are all ready to post now in time for Christmas.

 photo December20141.jpgYou will get…
Jack Fate
Miniature Replica guitar (black Fender telecaster)
Adjustable Guitar strap
Certificate, signed and numbered
Gift box

These are all numbered limited editions and these three are numbers eleven to thirteen. Each doll takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete. They have a strong wire frame inside which means that it’s very easy for him to stand up by himself and his arms can easily be moved around to strum the guitar.

I am asking £90 for each doll, plus postage depending on where he’s travelling to.

Interested.. maybe? Please send an email to Liz  woollyrockers@gmail.com

These guys need to find good homes!

 photo December20144.jpg

 photo December20146.jpg

Tom Waits…2!

Tom Waits…. again! I made a ‘spare’ Tom Waits as this one was a slightly unusual brief.

He was going to be animated. Something like this….

So this Tom, No 2 has some crazy hair.
 photo tomW4.jpg

It’s made curly by using pre-knitted wool which has been unraveled.

 photo tomW3.jpg

He’s waiting patiently for the bar to open!

 photo tomW2.jpg


Hey… Tom Waits!

This has been a fun commission…. Mr Tom Waits!  I used to listen to him when I was about 18!

This was a sharp look with the purple shirt & Fedora hat…
 photo TOmW3.jpg

 photo tomwaits.jpg

I was most concerned about getting the facial hair right! I did the best I could. I finished him last night & these are a few pictures I took this morning. IT was still pretty dark & gloomy…..

 photo Tom2.png

 photo Tom1.png
I tried to build up the goatee beard into a bit of a point!
 photo Tom3.png
 photo TOM4.png

Basement Tapes Fun with Jack & Sid!

Here are a few pictures from Classic Album Sundays event on Tuesday. Well….I don’t mind,  Tuesday evening is fine too!   It was at the very swanky Bag O’Nails  Club in Kingly Street, Soho. It was great to see so many people there who wanted to listen to the Basement Tapes, the 1975 Double Album set.

But we had extra… Preview tracks from the new 6 CD set, The Complete Basement Tapes out on 3rd November.

The host of the evening were Colleen Murphy and Sid Griffin. Both were well informed and enthused for an exciting Q&A Session on the cultural and social significance of the 2 Album set released in 1975. It was highly informative and well pitched. Sid has an enthusiasm, which is infectious and Colleen was asking insightful  questions.
At first it was very unusual to sit in complete silence and not be able to talk, in a room full of people… but this definitely had to be done to get the best appreciation but a few very quiet whispers crept in eventually. One was telling me to get out Jack Fate who, as usual, cause a bit of a stir and got a lot of attention between disc one and dics two! He came out in the break a got passed around a few nearby people for photos and sat on the Music stand with the LP.


 photo basement1.jpg

and then again at the Q & A session.

I asked question to which Sid replied… Great question ..answered a bit then stopped,  stood up and come over and said .. from the lady who makes these fabulous knitted Bob dolls.. This one is Jack Fate.
He and grabbed Jack and held him up for the audience.  I think they got a big cheer! Here’s a picture…..
 photo basement3.jpg


Just like old friends, you see it’s not the first time they’ve met. This was in the Summer. I was lucky  to hear a few of the some from Sid’s great solo Album, live… the Trick is to Breathe. I love it. I hope to hear more again soon.

 photo 31july4sid_zpsc8ff0b7d.jpg
 Rolling Thunder kids!

I was asked to pose for a picture with Sid. This was a pleasure. I had a copy of Sid’s Rolling Thunder Revue book, Shelter From The Storm, which I have read….  all the way through. I love the Rolling Thunder Revue Era. Lets hope the rumours of a feature film release are  true… and soon!
 photo basement4.jpg


I’d like t say Thank You very much to Jo Kemp, who took  these great pictures & send them over to. The ones from my  proper camera & phone were completely unusable! You did  great job in very low light conditions. You’d do well at a Bob show!

Making The ‘Uravelling Woolburys’

It’s taken all day but the Wilburys are finally finished. Here are three of them!

 photo wilbs2.jpg

Then the tricky bit…..


Graduated shades printed onto sticky vinyl, which was then mounted on to a plastic film. Cut out glasses shape, with a tab on the side with a hole in it to sew through and attach.  Looks simple but it was tricky to cut out.. Mark did it with a scalpel.

 photo wilbs1.jpg

It worked…..All finished.

 photo wilbs4.jpg

The sunglasses worked out well. In this picture they look Photoshopped on.. but they are definitely not!

ps. Here are the Sgt. Pepper Beatles with their fab new backdrop.
 photo sgtp.jpg

Sunday is Beatles Day

I’m excited to be displaying some Beatles on Sunday at the next London Beatles Day.

The back ground I think are what doing to make them stand out and look great. Thank you so much to Mark Morgan for finding the Abbey Road cover (with just Paul and Ringo) and painstakingly clone stamping out Paul & Ringo! It makes it look very realistic and properly three-dimensional.

 photo AbbeyRoad7_zps766bd63f.jpg

The Sgt Pepper guys have one too!
 photo Photo01591.jpg

… and the Wilburys!
 photo Photo0156.jpg

I have two days to finish all five of the Wilburys. There are a couple tricky details to master which I haven’t done before, but I’m hoping to get dark sunglasses to work!
Wish me luck!
Liz x

Who’s who!?

I hastily took this  quick ‘work in progress’ picture last night…I have so many Rockers on the go that it’s really ridiculous to think about finishing them all in one batch together. Id be here until Christmas!

I think Jane Fate was bewildered by who they all could be, so….

Ok…any guesses??  Answer below , don’t worry!
 photo wipnumbered_zps9f9d5b5b.jpg

1. Jack Fate *

2 & 3 Mod Bob,2014, currently touring “the set” *

4.  Wilbury  1 (Tom Petty I think?)

5. Folky Bob, (with the stripe t-shirt)

6. Elvis (Jailhouse Rock) *

7.  Wilbury (George)

8. Wilbury (Jeff)

9. 1978 ‘Lightning Trousers’ Bob! *

10. Another Jack Fate *

11. Blood on the Tracks recording Bob *

12. Wilbury Bob!

13. Folk Bob 1st LP cover

14. Wilbury Roy

15. 1966 Breakdown/Wasted Bob!

16. Alan Ginsberg

17.  Subterranean Alleyway Bob

18. Tour’74 Bob. *

19.  (Bottom row) Basement/Woodstock Bob (headless!) *

20. Nashville Skyline Bob

21. Another Side Bob

22.  Highway 61 Bob

23. Blonde on Blonde Bob *

24. & 25 will be Kate Bush!

26. Elvis…. That’s The Way It Is *

27.  Street Legal Bob… ah. He’s only half a leg and he’s been put on hold

Also – not pictured, because he was just a few stitches,  Bringing it All Back Home Bob *

*   I’m ‘fast- tracking’ these!*

OK… Now I feel like a crazy person!

I’m hoping this will be useful for when I retrieve them.. so I know who’s who too!