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All new. Seven day listings.., most are one of a kind

Breaking Bad. Walter & Jesse

Brian Wilson

The Eagles!

Karl Marx

Woollyrockers EBay

Frida Kahlo Fairy!

Festive Frida Kahlo had found her place in the world. She is currently adorning the rainbow tree in the fabulously eye popping Little Bit Margate shop on Broad Street.

Well worth a visit! 🌵💖🌈

Mary Poppins……pops up!

Here’s a new finished commission request for a Mary Poppins.

Julie Andrews in the film. She has blue skirt, white blouse with red bow, black boots, long fitted black coat and her hair has a little bum at the back.

Her coat is removable and fastens with a poppa and her accessories are a tapestry carpet bag and black hat with flower braid trim and a hat pin.

Jeremy Corbyn Glastonbury Sensation!

This is so exciting! About a year ago my friend Wendi had this woolly Jeremy Corbyn doll and finally they got to meet in real life.

I also made a small Jeremy doll who had a few photos taken around Westminster. 

Downing Street… day. Let’s hope!

Build bridges! More In Common! 

Dylans on display at Snap Galleries

So…. I had this idea to make lots of Dylans and photograph them all, to try to replicate the LP covers. It never quite happened because I made a lot… Too many, really, and they were never all completed.

I never thought anything would happen to them, but I have been finishing them all to coincide with the Danile Kramer photography exhibition at SNAP Galleries.

Can you spot them all?

 photo SnapGalleries1.jpg

Yesterday I also dropped off two more folky Bobs. I think these two are my favorites… of and Nashville Skyline Bob because of his guitar.

 photo folkbob2.jpg

 photo folkbob5.jpg


Beach Boys for the 50th Anniversary of Pet Sounds

This was an exciting little project! It took me a while to make 2 sets of Pet Sound Era Beach Boys. I was able to deliver them to the amazing SNAP Galleries, where they were on show in the Window!


I’ve been to a few exhibitions to the Gallery before and they are all about Rock & Roll photography.


The guys were obviously based on the Pet Sound cover line up. Here are:

Dennis, Carl & Brian Wilson, Mike Love & Al Jardine.


How may Brian Wilson’s does it take to make a Classic album? I made 5!

Where are the Wrecking crew?