Townes Van Zandt

Ah!…. Townes Van Zandt! Where to start?
I’ve only recently discovered him. What an incredible songwriter…..

I found some Dead Flowers in the park….

 photo TownesVanZandtFlowers4.jpg
 photo TownesVanZandt20.jpg
Townes & the peacock!
 photo TownesVanZandt15.jpg
One of his most amazing songs.. If I Needed You….
 photo TownesVanZandt5.jpg

A wood pile seemed reminiscent of Texas!
 photo TownesVanZandt14.jpg

 photo TownesVanZandt10.jpg

….and this song is literally a A Killer!! ” Waiting Around to Die”.. metaphor here… in the absence of actual gravestones.. maybe next trip out?
 photo TownesVanZandt13.jpg
and the beautiful “For The Sake Of The Song”
 photo TownesVanZandt17.jpg
 photo TownesVanZandt9.jpg

Meeting Mick Fleetwood

So,  after 3 months of working of the four sets of Fleetwood Mac dolls the day came yesterday to hand them over in person to the lovely Mr. Fleetwood himself! I couldn’t quite imagine exactly how it was going to work out but it worked brilliantly! Mick’s personal assistant met us and took us to the auditorium where we sat in in a pre-show meet & greet where Mick was talking and taking questions. I wasn’t expecting to be in of that but it was really fascinating. Mick explained how he appreciated craftsmanship in things like shoes and clothes which are hand made. We both like shoe shopping it turns out……  photo 12.jpg Mick’s balls have a mind of their own and they are a lot of fun to play with. I’m glad I got the colours right. They are made of wax thread with beads on the end.  photo 5balls.jpg He was very dapper and very kind. He really seemed to like to dolls. He kissed the Stevie Nick one!  photo 1lg.jpg It was so god of him to pose for pictures with me and he even suggested getting all four boxes out and lining then up to get a propper sense of how much work was in them and the scale of the task.  photo 11.jpg  photo dolls.jpg

Mick said his plan was to give them to other members of the band at some point.. so I hope they like them too! Mick’s assistant tried to grab a Lindsay/’LB’ obviously for some mischief, but Mick said No. They have to be given at the right time. I hope they were & Happy Birthday Mick!

For me it was a pleasure to have made these for Mick.  Thank you Mick, Robert & Jenny for helping to make this happen and Steve for coming with me and taking the pictures with my infuriating camera!

The Extistentialists

In the spirit of doing something completely different…. I had a go at making a couple of French Existentialist philosophers… as you do!
So here are Jean-Paul Satre & Simone De Beauvoir.
 photo 629f4a0d8c26b08629b440d954a0964c.jpg

 photo existeltialists1.jpg

I’ve been listening to a lot to a lot of interesting lectures on youtube… It’s quite hard to physically read a book and knit at the same time so audio books are my new favourite thing!


I really like how they look as woolly dolls with profound quotes about the pointlessness & absurdity of life!

 photo qoutes4.jpg

 photo qoutes1.jpg

 photo qoutes5.jpg

This is a great little film on Satre – just 6 minutes!

Gene Clark Meets Sid Griffin!

Going to See Sid Griffin play a solo show on Sunday seemed like a great opportunity to take out a new Gene Clark Rocker. I think they had fun….

 photo IMG_5879.jpg

It’s always great to see a Sid show!.. I really think he’s a great songwriter.. and a lovely friendly guy to chat to about music.. photo df0fbbde-6078-4cb8-a7d9-b27a80261388.jpg

.. solo Echoes era Gene, like this was who I based it on!

 photo d7eabbd33549707858b0fa4eadac6890.jpg

 photo f05acfb9aa1390b5f3f775bd532da6bd.jpg

I’ll try to get some more pictures of the Gene doll soon. IT was main;y an evening of excellent music & songs.

Sid played a great solo show, consisting mainly of material from the excellent Trick is to Breathe album, which I love a lot!

 photo IMG_5877.jpg

Support from Hannah Rose Platt was also really lovely… She had some great songs. photo IMG_5875.jpg

 photo IMG_5866.jpg

Allen Ginsberg inspires…… & Iconography.

Allen Ginsberg went to live with our best buddy, the talented songwriter extraordinaire, Mr Jay Fynn.
This was a photo opportunity not to be missed on a recent visit. Productivity has been pretty fabulous. Allen is writing…..

 photo IMG_5883.jpg

 photo IMG_5885.jpg

& Mr Fynn is writing and recording. Here’s a new collection, released just yesterday called ‘Iconography’. Please have a listen…

Not Rockers…… Ross & Demelza Poldark!

WoollyRockers does BBC Sunday evening period drama shocker!!

Well… Captain Ross! I find him slightly irresistible!

 photo e3b0bbf466f66f75cb539ee4cd9a4558.jpg
& Demelza.
 photo 56b4e94e8e0c52d20b98fd875719065a.jpg

Looking like this…

 photo df1541a8a5b7d877895fe5e4be0ae22e.jpg

They started off pretty well, colours all looking good! I tried to make them a bit smaller.. so they wouldn’t take too long to finish. I hoped they would also be quite quick to make in this size and fun to play with.
 photo 1503950_10153316068386995_7844558762737465660_n 1.jpg

Here are the first pictures of them finished.
 photo poldark10.jpg

 photo poldark9.jpg

 photo poldark4.jpg

 photo poldark3.jpg

 photo poldark6.jpg

I hope they stay together & Happy through Season 2!

 photo poldark5.jpg