The Pre-Raphaelites at William Morris’s Red House

So… I really love the Pre-Raphaelites. I wrote my dissertation on Lizzie Sidall and Ive always loved William Morris ans his ideas about craftsmanship. So I’ve been wanting to visit William Morris’s Red House for a while now. When I went yesterday I seemed like a good idea to take the knitted Pre-Raphaelites with me.

They are….

 photo RedHouse1.jpg

William and Jane had a good look around the house.  This is the Wedding mural that they are both painted into.
 photo RedHouse17.jpg
The lovely Arts & Crafts stairway… very medieval!
 photo RedHouse18.jpg
Admiring the wall paper! Jane looks happy with it.
 photo RedHouse15.jpgx

…. And the garden, which was beautiful.

 photo RedHouse13.jpg

The aspect from the front.. All the gang appreciated it.
 photo RedHouse14.jpg
… and the well!
 photo RedHouse12.jpg
 photo RedHouse10.jpg

I showed the tour guide, Steve, who got a few colleagues to come and see them. Then he asked, would I show then to Robynn, the House manager who was working in the shop. So they came out again.. on the counter.

She was very happy to see them all.
 photo RedHouse19.jpg


It was a really lovely day out & well worth a visit. More at:


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