Beach Boys… on Show!

So….These have been along time in the making. I was asked to make two sets of Pet Sound Beach Boys and two additional Brian Wilson by Guy White at Snap Galleries. This was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pet Sounds and Brian Wilson’s shows at the Palladium in May 2016.

 photo gallery1.jpg

I have loved this album for year and was REALLY tempted to get tickets for the Palladium shows myself, then I remembered seeing if for the first time at the Royal Festival Hall when he played there. That was stunning. tears & all. I though I’d content myself with that amazing experience!

 photo PetSoundscover.jpg

I worked in the Boys for around 2 months when I could… there were times when I was really quite behind and wasn’t sure I would have 2 sets & 2 Brians ready for May!

I am pleased with how they came out. During this process I found a new way to improve the whole quality of the figures. In stead of using regular stuffing I wrapped the wire frame with strips of wadding. All the wire is nicely concealed that way.

 photo newboys.jpg

They look amazing in the galley window!

 photo gallery2.jpg


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