Simone De Beauvior & Jean -Paul Satre revisit Paris

Last week I went to Paris! It is a beautiful city and I had great friends to visit, so Thank you Isabelle & Thierry!

It was the perfect opportunity to take the Existentialists, Jean-Paul Satre & Simone De Beauvoir to revisit some of their old haunts. So with Isabelle we did the alternative tour of Existentialist Paris

Coffee at the Cafe De Flore
 photo CafeDeFlore1.jpg

 photo CafeDeFlore5.jpg
A word about the lobsters…I read that Jean-Paul Satre took mescaline and had hallucinations that lobsters were following him everywhere. So… I knitted him some ‘hallucinations’!

Cafe Deux Magots, which doesn’t mean maggots. It means two small monkeys!
 photo DeuxMagotts1.jpg

The Boulevard sign…
 photo PlaceSimonampJP.jpg

Brasserie Lipp
 photo BrasreieLipp.jpg

Montparnasse Cemetery where the real Simone & Jean-Paul are buried.

 photo Montparnasse5.jpg

 photo Montparnasse7.jpg

Finally, the Sorbonne, where they met and studied.
 photo Sorbone1.jpg

It was much better that the usual sightseeing touristy tour of Paris!

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