Townes Van Zandt

Ah!…. Townes Van Zandt! Where to start?
I’ve only recently discovered him. What an incredible songwriter…..

I found some Dead Flowers in the park….

 photo TownesVanZandtFlowers4.jpg
 photo TownesVanZandt20.jpg
Townes & the peacock!
 photo TownesVanZandt15.jpg
One of his most amazing songs.. If I Needed You….
 photo TownesVanZandt5.jpg

A wood pile seemed reminiscent of Texas!
 photo TownesVanZandt14.jpg

 photo TownesVanZandt10.jpg

….and this song is literally a A Killer!! ” Waiting Around to Die”.. metaphor here… in the absence of actual gravestones.. maybe next trip out?
 photo TownesVanZandt13.jpg
and the beautiful “For The Sake Of The Song”
 photo TownesVanZandt17.jpg
 photo TownesVanZandt9.jpg

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