Meeting Mick Fleetwood

So,  after 3 months of working of the four sets of Fleetwood Mac dolls the day came yesterday to hand them over in person to the lovely Mr. Fleetwood himself! I couldn’t quite imagine exactly how it was going to work out but it worked brilliantly! Mick’s personal assistant met us and took us to the auditorium where we sat in in a pre-show meet & greet where Mick was talking and taking questions. I wasn’t expecting to be in of that but it was really fascinating. Mick explained how he appreciated craftsmanship in things like shoes and clothes which are hand made. We both like shoe shopping it turns out……  photo 12.jpg Mick’s balls have a mind of their own and they are a lot of fun to play with. I’m glad I got the colours right. They are made of wax thread with beads on the end.  photo 5balls.jpg He was very dapper and very kind. He really seemed to like to dolls. He kissed the Stevie Nick one!  photo 1lg.jpg It was so god of him to pose for pictures with me and he even suggested getting all four boxes out and lining then up to get a propper sense of how much work was in them and the scale of the task.  photo 11.jpg  photo dolls.jpg

Mick said his plan was to give them to other members of the band at some point.. so I hope they like them too! Mick’s assistant tried to grab a Lindsay/’LB’ obviously for some mischief, but Mick said No. They have to be given at the right time. I hope they were & Happy Birthday Mick!

For me it was a pleasure to have made these for Mick.  Thank you Mick, Robert & Jenny for helping to make this happen and Steve for coming with me and taking the pictures with my infuriating camera!

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