Gene Clark Meets Sid Griffin!

Going to See Sid Griffin play a solo show on Sunday seemed like a great opportunity to take out a new Gene Clark Rocker. I think they had fun….

 photo IMG_5879.jpg

It’s always great to see a Sid show!.. I really think he’s a great songwriter.. and a lovely friendly guy to chat to about music.. photo df0fbbde-6078-4cb8-a7d9-b27a80261388.jpg

.. solo Echoes era Gene, like this was who I based it on!

 photo d7eabbd33549707858b0fa4eadac6890.jpg

 photo f05acfb9aa1390b5f3f775bd532da6bd.jpg

I’ll try to get some more pictures of the Gene doll soon. IT was main;y an evening of excellent music & songs.

Sid played a great solo show, consisting mainly of material from the excellent Trick is to Breathe album, which I love a lot!

 photo IMG_5877.jpg

Support from Hannah Rose Platt was also really lovely… She had some great songs. photo IMG_5875.jpg

 photo IMG_5866.jpg


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