Work in Progress….. Fleetwood Mac

Sometimes before things are properly finished.. they can look really weird! I’m keen to get the arms and faces on these..they are slightly freaky!

 photo WIP2.jpg

 photo WIP1.jpg

These are going to be  4 sets of Fleetwood Macs.. like this set but with a few tweaks….

 photo FleetwoodMac6_zps3343a163.jpg

This set I gave to Jenny Boyd at a Beatles Day event in September where she was talking about her book, It’s Not Only Rock & Roll.

 photo OctBeatlesDay7.jpg

 photo FleetwoodMac4_zps1e18e00c.jpg

 photo f6f02c799c58c11e3852cf4f4b8d2f7d.jpg

This is he largest order I have undertaked – 5 members, 4 bands. That’s 20 dolls.  They are coming together… but slowly!

 photo WIP3.jpg

 photo WIP4.jpg


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