Not Rockers…… Ross & Demelza Poldark!

WoollyRockers does BBC Sunday evening period drama shocker!!

Well… Captain Ross! I find him slightly irresistible!

 photo e3b0bbf466f66f75cb539ee4cd9a4558.jpg
& Demelza.
 photo 56b4e94e8e0c52d20b98fd875719065a.jpg

Looking like this…

 photo df1541a8a5b7d877895fe5e4be0ae22e.jpg

They started off pretty well, colours all looking good! I tried to make them a bit smaller.. so they wouldn’t take too long to finish. I hoped they would also be quite quick to make in this size and fun to play with.
 photo 1503950_10153316068386995_7844558762737465660_n 1.jpg

Here are the first pictures of them finished.
 photo poldark10.jpg

 photo poldark9.jpg

 photo poldark4.jpg

 photo poldark3.jpg

 photo poldark6.jpg

I hope they stay together & Happy through Season 2!

 photo poldark5.jpg


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