See you later…. Allen Ginsberg (Part 2)

Allen Takes A Trip…

Allen loved talking about San Francisco in the Sixties. He had some Owlsley acid given to him by Ken Kesey back in the day.

Next thing…It’s in my tea and I’ve just drunk it.

“Allen, What have you done? What’s happening?”

Everywhere I looked suddenly colours became vivid…. Everything felt unusual and strange…..

 photo Psychginsberg4.jpg

 photo Psychginsberg9.jpg

Everywhere I looked… all I could see was technicolor Timothy B Schmidt!

I’ve been listening to Poco too much!? This is very weird..

….. It was all very peculiar and I lost all track or reality, real time and space!

 photo Psychginsberg11.jpg
 photo Psychginsberg6.jpg

 photo Psychginsberg12.jpg

Ha ha! I just love any excuse to make psychedelic pictures.

Tim is of course my friend I wrote about already Mr Jay Fynn the fabulous songwriter… who sent this picture of Allen in his new place with lots of book.I think he looks pretty happy to be there!

 photo Psychginsberg13.jpg

& a little mention for Mr Fynns New release, “Odd Nodules” which can be streamed or downloaded for free. Worth it for every moment of “Kittens”


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