By very special request…..Neil Young!

I’m a big fan on Neil Young so I really enjoyed making this one! It’s the Buffalo Springfield Era… So many great songwriters in that band! I love all their albums.

 photo 53aecebdce5b718da1bf7b10cbfcd223.jpg

But this was fun because of all the details…Namely the fringing & beads in his Indian tunic.

 photo NYoung3.jpg
 photo NYoung4.jpg

He has an authentic replica “Old Black” guitar.
 photo NYoung2.jpg

 photo NYoung7.jpg

4 thoughts on “By very special request…..Neil Young!

  1. You are so clever and talented. The only thing I ever knitted was a dishcloth at junior school!

    Obviously Bob is my fave but they all make me laugh – such attention to detail

    Keep up the good work!

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  2. Wow – this is a special one for me, as Neil is my favorite singer after Bob – thank you so much, Wooly – it’s perfect down to his hair and fringe!


  3. More love for Neil here… the real one and the woolly one. Still need to check out the Springfield albums, though. Seen him solo once and with Crazy Horse a couple of times. Have a safe trip, woolly Neil!


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