Beatles Day! Sunday 19th October.. lots of pictures

Well… We had a great day at the Beatles Days event yesterday. The dipslay looked good…. Very colorful! As was my psychedelic dress. I think people may have needed sunglasses before approaching the display.

 photo OctBeatlesDay1.jpg

It was great to get such a positive reaction to the Woolly Rockers!  I took…

The Unravelling Woolberys!
 photo OctBeatlesDay3.jpg

Abbey Road Beatles…

 photo OctBeatlesDay2.jpg

Help & Sgt Pepper Beatles…. & Jack was there too!
 photo OctBeatlesDay4.jpg

Random bits of merchandise I made: Applique cushion covers, Zip purses with Beatles fabric
 photo OctBeatlesDay15.jpg

The Big O with the Wilburys. It was a real shame that Glen had the lurgy… but Dave, Please share the pictures!

 photo OctBeatlesDay8.jpg

The best thing about it was meeting so many great people! I was in the Authors/Performance room sitting between Jenny Boyd & Hunter Davies.

Hunter Davies.. gave a in interesting talk in his new book and the evolution of Bealtes songs based on the original manuscripts. Shame I forgot my original copy of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush for him to sign. I was on the next table so I was taking a lot of pictures on people with Hunter.
 photo OctBeatlesDay6.jpg

Jenny Boyd (Phd) was so lovely! I cant wait to read her book. It’s Not Only Rock & Roll based on her Phd study on Musicians and creativity.
 photo OctBeatlesDay7.jpg
She has a set of Fleetwood Mac WoollyRockers

The Fab twins.. lovely harmonies & acoustic guitar
 photo OctBeatlesDay9.jpg

Panel discussion with two of the original Quarrymen Len Garry and Rod Davis
 photo OctBeatlesDay14.jpg

The Tremmbling Wilburys … Not bad at all ….with just the one stunning guitar player. Get well soon Glen!!!
 photo OctBeatlesDay5.jpg

I think I did a pretty good job getting the details for Roy!!  Two great look alikes!
 photo OctBeatlesDay10.jpg

There was some great vintage merchandise available. We came home with another Yellow Submarine…
 photo OctBeatlesDay12.jpg

It was a fabulous opportunity to show off, so thank you very much Steve & Gloria at Beatles Days!!!

Anyone fancy a game of Flip Your Wig!!?

 photo OctBeatlesDay13.jpg

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