An eventful 30th July…

Today was a good day! After work it was great to be able to personally hand deliver Jerry Garcia & Jack Fate…

 photo 31july1_zpsba7b3791.jpg

To Tom who just happened to be over from the States to pick them & catch a couple of Phil Lesh shows at he O2. It was so good to able to experience ‘ecstatic’!
 photo 31july2_zps6298bcf3.jpg

Great timing! I’d much rather meet up for a pint and a chat than go to the post office any day! This Jack and Jerry will hopefully keep in touch via the lovely Tom & Lisa.  I would love to see them get home safely & having fun with you guys…..


Then I met up with the lovely Vicki from What The Butler Wore and we headed over to The Gladstone Arms, which is a lovely pub in Borough.

 photo 31july3_zpsd3349ef9.jpg


It was here that Jack Fate met Sid Griffin, who played a great show tonight. I liked the new songs a lot and I hope to catch a couple more shows in the next month or so. Thanks for the info on a new updated release of Million Dollar Bash in the works…

 photo 31july4sid_zpsc8ff0b7d.jpg

Jack wants in on the band, I think and now I’d love a mandolin, again. I though I’d got over it…but no!

I know it means learning a whole other set of chords… but they sound just gorgeous! Great show guys!

 photo 31july5_zps5535ef7d.jpg



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