Jerry Garcia….

I said a while ago that I’d like to try and make a Jerry Garcia in wool… because I think he’d work really well & I’m a fan.

Here is the Real Jerry Garcia & Tiger (Custom Guitar)
 photo realjerry2_zps26ac9776.jpg


 photo realjerry3tiger_zps2c5ecfad.jpg


I think he turned out pretty well! Jerry has a black T-shirt, Jeans, sneakers and dark denim shirt, glasses & guitar.


 photo jerrywguitar_zps739ee137.jpg

Tiger…. I tried to do the skeleton as well as I could at very small sale.

 photo tigercustomguitar_zps30bc1f84.jpg


Jamming with Jack……

 photo JerryJack2_zpsa73f6269.jpg

Hey .. you should come on tour with us Bob?  But that’s another story!

 photo JerryJack3_zps559fb9b8.jpg


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