Jack Fate takes a Walk in Cork.

I made a ‘Jack Fate’ rocker. That’s Bob Dylan in the film Masked and Anonymous.

Well, I’m very pleased with how he came out. Right now he’s following the real Bob on Tour! I arrived in Cork today and caught a glimpse of the real Bob’s tour bus leaving the airport.  After the next couple of shows in Ireland he will be setting down in Germany, except for touring commitments, obviously. We had a little evening walk around he Beautiful City of Cork and stopped for a few pictures.


 photo CorkJack2_zps841fe0c7.jpg

 photo CorkJack3_zpsfc51dee5.jpg

 photo CorkJack4_zpsa86ee1c4.jpg

 photo CorkJack5_zpsce22ab1d.jpg

 photo CorkJack6_zps541c2cb9.jpg

 photo CorkJack7_zps68d497e5.jpg

 photo CorkJack8_zps68745cea.jpg

 photo CorkJack9_zps8d28438c.jpg

 photo CorkJack10_zpsd604dff2.jpg

 photo CorkJack11_zps5e61328c.jpg

 photo CorkJack1_zps66f79e57.jpg

 photo CorkJack13_zps5a4b7498.jpg


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