Rolling Thunder Bob Dylan…a few!

Ok… these are for the lovely people at Expecting Rain (my new favorite online haunt, beats facebook any day!)

No 1 – Bob (RESERVED for JP)
Black flowery guitar strap
 photo 1bob_zps96f57122.jpg
 photo 1bob1_zps14cb09bf.jpg

Brown scorlly guitar strap
 photo 2bob_zpsdda2720d.jpg
 photo 2bob2_zpsd87173b9.jpg

Bob 3 RESERVED for R_G
Blue, red &b yellow guitar strap
 photo 3bob2_zpsa2fa299e.jpg
 photo 3bob_zpsa100f323.jpg

Bob 4
Black Flowery guitar strap
 photo 4bob_zpsf764036f.jpg
 photo 4bob1_zpse05934fc.jpg
 photo 4bob2_zps326b6274.jpg

Bob 5
Blue flowery guitar strap
 photo 5bob_zpsf02f85fd.jpg
 photo 5bob1_zpsd4c09305.jpg
 photo 5bob2_zps7c0df541.jpg

Bob 6
White flowery guitar strap (BHS)
 photo 6bob_zps4f44e456.jpg
 photo 6bob1_zpsc58a097a.jpg
 photo 6bob2_zpsec76a21b.jpg


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