Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue – Inspiration and sources

I love Bob Dylan!

I really love Bob Dylan and 1975-6 Rolling Thunder Era was, I think the most fun to try a knit, because of the lovely details of the flowers on the hat etc…. so this has been a really fun project.
I wanted to share some pictures I used for research…The whole ensemble…
 photo Woolbobscarpet_zps321a088e.jpg


white face..
 photo 609fca87a9bb909abe82f54317da40a7_zps27f2d75d.jpg

Flower on the grey fedora hat..

 photo 4facf38fc833f7c2c5576845969e6fda_zps718ea7e5.jpg

 photo rtr2_zpsb5b8cc83.gif


In the making of mine……

Stage 1…..images from books….
 photo wiprtr_zps7d4aee12.jpg

Stage 2……
 photo Woolbobs1_zps284b8414.jpg

 photo Woolbobguitar_zpsb823fe3b.jpg

 photo bobline2_zps52d2b63a.jpg

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this era please call me immediately for a chat/beer … or check out
Renaldo & Clara if you have a spare 4 hours. It is brilliant !!

If you don’t have a spare 4 hours start with Tangled up in Blue here.
It’s stunning!


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