Little wig sale overe here…

Little sale – I don’t really use any of these Blythe wigs. I’m offering them here to anyone who is interested.

All are $14.00 or £9.00 + postage:

Postage to…

UK add £2.00

Europe add $3.00

USA & Rest of the world add $5.00


If you are interested please email me

1. Pink wig – short, straight
 photo pinkwig1_zpsc2c18b8f.jpg

 photo pinkwig2_zps5fb005b2.jpg

2.  Black wig – long & curly with fringe

 photo blackcurlywig1_zpsaaa25504.jpg

 photo blackcurlywig2_zps8e7a4048.jpg

3.  Reddish brown wig – long, curly

 photo browncurlywig2_zps9cc17783.jpg

4. Blonde wig – long, straight with fringe

 photo blondewig1_zps70a1685b.jpg

 photo blondewig2_zpsfcd8376c.jpg

5. Black wig – long straight with fringe

 photo blackstraightwig1_zps6d5c726f.jpg

 photo blackstraightwig2_zps1e814367.jpg

Bumper Post – 3rd January 2013!

If I really want to use this blog I’m going to have to expand the focus a bit to cover a lot more variety of content and share more. I’d really like readers to feel like they can get to know more about me, but that will only happen if I share more. This is scary for me as I’m usually introverted and keep all my thoughts and ideas to myself and worry far too much about what people will think but.. to hell with it!Let’s be brave!

At New Year generally make people take stock and re-evaluate, which is a good thing. Most of those, often pointless, resolutions come from genuinely useful thoughts about what can I do to be happier this year?

I feel quite lucky and very pleased to say that I’ve done mine already – in November! Who says that it all comes together on January 1st?

1. Quit smoking, since 7th November! Success!

2. Go to the gym regularly. In the winter months, even if ‘regularly’ has only been Sunday early evening around 7.30 for an hour. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months, enjoying it and it’s become a habit now. Success!

I still have a couple more challenges, let’s call them that, then I’m not committing myself!

1. Try – daily dolly picture! This is tricky! I can only do this in in the evenings which are dark, so the only spot is on Marks model bench against a white wall!

They will all look a little like this!!

2. jukebox

White wall, doll, prop! Hmmmm?

Let’s see how is goes? It might get very dull, or I might fall into the trap of trying to turn a boring ordinary photo into something different by ‘psych-ing it up’. Now this might sound like a cop out but I love it!! There are many joyous ways to I have found to do this! Each on engaging and stimulating in its own way… pass the LSD!!

Using something like phototropedelic iPhone app and watching a boring photo turn into something amazing colour by colour and adding stars. Here’s a picture I took at Alexandra Palace -“14 hour Technicolor Dream” anyone??


The other one I have found that I like is Cameran. Very Japanese!

Here’s a picture of my new Christmas dolly, Betty.
Or good old Photoshop – Curves, Filters, Saturation, or my new personal favorite, the stunning ‘Gradient map’!! For example…

Another challenge is a musical one – to try to play guitar for an hour a day, or at least 30 minutes!! I love music but unfortunately I have no musical talent whatsoever! Really, if I try to sing people run away! Well, Mark does….. I’m usually banished to another room if I pick up my guitar!

I used to play a lot. I’d get out my ‘Complete Beatles Guitar & Vocal’ & start at the back, working my way vaguely to the middle scanning for tunes that didn’t have too many F’s or Bs! I could almost play “You Never Give me your Money” reasonable effectively, with the change in the middle & everything.

I think I also played ‘Daydream Believer’ & ‘Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright’ a lot! I had a folder where I’d printed a lot of Online guitar archive tablature. I printed more this week. I was surprised that they still now in that horrible Courier font? It’s awful!  This week’s new tablature is not in courier anymore -I changed it!

Unfortunately I still can’t play any better; especially F’s & B’s and I don’t have a very good strumming technique!

So – why bother? Well, what’s actually inspired me pick up the guitar again was attending a session last year at work about How to increase brain power and improve brain functioning.

It was a great session – very inspiring. The biggest impact for me was realising that all out brains are ill-equipped to cope with the amount of stress we all have! The primitive centre of the brain which operates on “ye olde” Fight or Flight (or Freeze) principle releases hormones, adrenalin & cortisol to give us a boost! but this ‘danger’ period would have lasted what? Around 30 seconds to maybe 30 minutes, in which time you’d have run away or been eaten!

Now we work so many hours a day, juggling tasks and priorities all the time, it’s really hard to relax and escape from this ‘stress’ and the associated release of chemicals from the brain which make you more ’hyped up’!

This is my very non-scientific explanation of the way I understood how the human brain, wonderful though it is, has not quite evolved, or has mal-adapted and the important thing it to manage this by even more actively trying to relax, de-stress, calm down. And even more so, to learn how to effectively train our brains to develop, “self-directed Neuroplasticity’

Research has suggested that effective ways to overcome this are….

Learning a new language

Playing a musical instrument

Doing novel, interesting things more!

Developing good habits.

I decided then that I’d like to play guitar again and was lucky to have a few days over Christmas to make a start.

My fingers are now toughening up…. But there will be no playing in public or recording!

In other Blythe Dolly news!

Not much over Christmas but I’m now looking at a few ideas for Jan & Feb including a few designs inspired by Pop Art, Biba & 60’s girls! I’m pretty excited about these! Just scribbles and a couple of unfinished things on the go at the moment

Other news…Ive been thinking about reviving my original ‘Woolly Rocker’ Rock star dolls which were featured in Mojo Magazine, in 2001! I could have tried to make a lot and sell a lot as I was getting a lot of people interested – but they just take too long! So much detail! I don’t think people could appreciate the hours of work in these.. but I’ve found a few nearly finished ones and I might try to do something with them again?? This was a picture from then…. 2001!

Lets see? I worked on a few all over Christmas for a whole week but they are still not done! Now I’ve moved on to dolly stuff!

Anyhow folks Keep on Rocking!! I’ll leave with this…..which I’ve become a little crazy obsessed with as for years I was convinced that nothing good came after about 1972! I’ve revised that to 1978, before it all went a bit disco!

New discount coupon – 35% off

So far this year Ive been very busy making a lot!…. So much so that I think I’ve made a little bit too much and my shop is a little over stocked. I was very keen to get my Valentine things up early for posting… but I’ve been super-prolific making them since Christmas… but I think I made too much! I’m very nearly running out of space & I do want to make more Spring things, so rather than having a SALE. I’ve set up a Coupon code. If you use LOVE14 at the checkout at Etsy, you’ll receive 35% off anything & everything until 14th February.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Liz. xx


Valentine Extravaganza!!!

I really enjoy making for Valentines Day and this year I started earlier than ever before. I loved shopping for fabric with hearts to make cute skirts and ordering buttons.
Valentine extravaganza!!!

Valentine extravaganza!!!

I’ve made more of the classic sweater & skirt sets in lots of colour combinations: Black, white, pink, grey, red and some new dresses. I like these smock dresses with buttons. Well, any excuse to buy cute buttons!
Valentine extravaganza!!!
I may do some more Jumper dresses with flared sleeves and a roll collar in the next week or so but Ive really enjoyed making these. Please take a look here at Esty.

Then after that I feel something green & flowery for Spring coming on…..

All the girls together……..

Blythe family picture – 2nd January 2012.

There are 40 girls here:

2012 Family - Group shot

Back row: Miranda/Rosey Red, Honey/Pow Wow Poncho, Becky/Kenner, Tess/Kenner, Penny/Kenner, Dimple/Dainty Biscuit, Orla/Cassiopeia Spice, Genevieve/French Trench, Sylvie/I Love You It’s True, Vida/Tweedly Do, Marsha/Star Dancer, Hetty/ Silver Snow Custom, Bobby/Kenner

  Middle row: Heather/Hello Harvest, Kalinka/Mrs Retro Mama, Dominique/Love Mission, Chica/Heather Sky, Mitzi/Aubrey, Cynthia/Kenner, Laurel Canyon/Adorable Aubrey, Audrey/Welcome Winter, Helga/Matrioshka Maiden, Dusty/Sunday Best, Twinkle/Darling Diva, Mimi/Veronica Lace, Kitty/Gentle River, Lana/Skate Date

Front row: Alica/Bohemian Beats, Margot/Parco, Celia/Casual Affair, Erica/Punkaholic People, Josie/Hollywood, Cherry/Bohemian Peace, Trudy/Kozy, Thumpety Thump, Eustacia/Goldie, Nancy/Aztec Arrival, Jeanie/Cappuccino Chat, Ophelia/Mondrain, Matilda/Disco Boogie

2012 Family - Group shot

This is the last one I have from 200, when I had 33 girls, so the numbers have done up slightly! ;)

Happy New Year!!

ImageWishing everyone a Happy 2012!

Plans for this year include:

  • Doll House clean & freshen up.
  • Big group photo!
  • Daily pictures of all the girls….Hoping to do another 360 Project.
  • A bit of a closet clear out…. but I don’t know where to do this. Any ideas?
  • More owl sweaters soon….
  • More coat sets
  • Another Blythecon UK
  • & right now on the drawing board I’m trying out twinset set (sweater, circle skirt & cardigan) and Chanel style jackets.



Give us a Wave…..

I was flicking through my copy of Debbie Stoller’s “Stitch ‘n Bitch Superstar” this week. The tiny detail that caught my eye and inspired these Wave print dresses was the chart for the ‘Life Aquatic’ yoke sweater pattern – just the few lines of waves….

It’s a pretty simple shift dress but I like the effect. I might try more adding more colours. Maybe three!?  I did thing about sleeves but couldn’t decide which would work, so they remain sleeveless!

Wave Design Pink/Black

Wave Design Black/White Wave Design Pink/Red