Days In The Life

Just a few brief notes from the lives of the boys:

Lucky got a mandolin. He’s been playing night and day, and he’s ready to help the real Bob put together the next volume of the Bootleg Series – BOTTapes!

Jack wrote a slim volume of poetry. He thinks he might win the Nobel Prize, but Billy thinks they never were the kind of singer that would win any of those…

Renaldo is going on his favourite tour (again).

Johnny’s still in the basement… more about that soon.

Johnny’s In The Basement

It’s been a while – things have been going a bit basemental at the Fate household – but I’m still here, and so is Johnny. He’s not been introduced yet, so here he is, straight out of the Basement where he’s been digging up the Tapes (and mixing up the medicine).

He travelled back to Woodstock to discuss his treasures with the real Bob. Bob said just to put ‘em all out – use the Basement as storage space for the future Bob’s paintings and metalwork. So we’re listening back to the Tapes, again and again… might have a review coming up of all that Basement noise.

Johnny is an artist, too. He loves to paint and draw, and he has his own art studio now.

Stay tuned…

Somebody got Lucky

Please welcome Lucky (he can’t help it) Blood On The Tracks Bob!



He’s a bit shy, but if you are real quiet, you can hear him play and sing beautiful songs.


Two weeks ago, when Jack & Renaldo & Billy & I were visiting Liz, I unexpectedly got to adopt Lucky and his brother, Johnny (in the Basement, recording the Tapes). (No, we don’t get paid for mentioning the Basement Tapes.) Anyway, that’s five beautiful Bobs living with me now! One stage can hardly hold them all now.

For now, Lucky’s quite happy strumming his guitar by himself. In time, he will be travelling though… in time, too. IMG_1934

Lemon & Eggs

Billy wants some eggs.


Jack wants some lemons.


He also likes a little drink every once in a while.


He wants to go gambling (as always), but he REALLY wants to know what’s up with the real Bob’s next album.


And of course, they all love lovely chocolate cake!