I took a few experimental pictures earlier this evening as it was getting dark.
Here is another neglected girls: Dominique, Love Mission


dusk1 dusk2 dusk3 dusk6 dusk5

She’s had these plaits in for a while. I’m hoping she’ll look very different and curly when I take them out. I’ll find another outfit for her. Although she does enjoy being the slightly troubled rebel and dressing like a vamp.

Long time..no update!
That’s because I have been busy making things for my new Etsy shop which I hope to update monthly. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I’d like to get an idea of what styles people would like to see and more random stripes? More plain colours etc. Please take a look: http://woollyrockers.etsy.com/

Here are some pictures which didn’t get any any further that Flickr a week or so ago. Doh!! I’ve been tending to run out of steam a lot lately. I’m in the process of writing an article for a mod site so I thought I’d do some appropriate pictures and feature my poor neglected Rhonda and her scooter.


Lots more…

Today I want to the V&A to see the 60′s Fashion and Graphics Exhibitions. I met Wendy (Honeymonkey) who was in town for just a few hours.

60s6 60s12

Highlights for me were the Tuffin & Foale dresses and the graphics – Psych posters and an actual ticket to the ’14 Hour Technicolour Dream’ event at Alexandra Palace!


It was great to see Wendy again. She got to take Bobby back home with her. Her KB had been staying with me for about a year! We went to Liberty and had tea and cake!


My first name change girl! Hetty!

This beautiful classy lady is custom Silver Snow by the lovely Sherri, with lips and blush by the fabulous Linda. She told me that while I’d been out at work she’d been watching old classic Hollywood films and that Rita Hayworth was her new heroine. She in now called Hetty. I’m very proud to have her in the family. She oozes class, style and glamour!



The other thing I did on Sunday was finish a dress! It’s meant to be a replica of the one worn by Anna Karina in Alphaville by the wonderful Jean-Luc goddard. It is knitted with crochet lacy collar and cuffs.
Here’s Becky doing her best Natacha Von Braun!
I tried to make these pictures sort of spooky, atmospheric and a bit ‘noir’. I got a bit carried away taking pictures this morning. There are lots on Flickr.

Annas Dress:

Alphaville_-_leaning 18385522

Becky’s Dress
alphaville1 alphaville15alphaville18

<lj-cut text="Click for more psychotic wall-clinging Trauma!"

alphaville4 alphaville9
“Oh! No! the scary computer!!”

alphaville5 alphaville6 alphaville8 alphaville7
“Oh! No! Scary Poetry!!”

alphaville20 alphaville16 alphaville12

alphaville3 alphaville14 alphaville13

Woops. I did get a bit carried away!

Here is the IMDB link to the film if anyone wants to have a look: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058898/maindetails

Knitting Tutorial – Making the neck for a Blythe Sweater
(For Tibiloo and JazzBaby)
After going noting all day on Sunday I woke up this morning full or energy and made this tutorial…because people seem to have diffulty grasping the meaning behind the pattern…which isn’t always easy, especially in other languages.

First – Get to the point where you are ready to make the neck. Please don’t worry too much about the number of stitches on the needle…just get the idea. Sorry! I did mess the numbers up a bit!

Step 1
Cast Off the stitches in the middle of the row to separate the left and right front shoulder sections:


Loads of knitting pictures with instructions

Lazy Sunday – Neglected Blythe No. 2 India “Lil’ Heart Milk”


This poor girl is terribly neglected. I really do love her…and her beautiful eyes and hair. She’s still a bit mysterious and quiet. I think she’s a spy. Here she is relaxing a bit. It’s Sunday morning and she’s just woken up to make coffee.

sunday2 sunday3 sunday6

sunday5 sunday4

It was very dark because my kitchen is quite a way from the window but I think I did too much brightening here!
This is pretty much all I did on Sunday, too. I was a little exhausted from the wedding and drinking lots, then again at the picnic on Saturday. I had a great day…but I can’t believe I left my camera battery suck in the charger at home! ;(
I wasn’t really very ‘with it’ on Saturday… see above and my 2 days of drinking excuses!