As well as setting up squillions of Flick groups i did also manage to tidy up a bit (not much as Trudy wasn;t helping today). I cooked properly and went for a walk in the park with Miranda. She wanted to show off her new coat:



More dolly groups at Flickr!
Instead of spamming everyone. Here they are. Please join and share your pictures.

Groovy Groove

Sunday Best & SVB

White Magic Girls

A complete list of all the new Flickr groups can be found at:

I have this week off work and instead of going out doing stuff…I created some Flickr groups.

Inspired by Linda and the Blythe-o-pedia on Flickr idea…Please do join up. I set up groups for my favourite girls.

1. Aztec Arrival:

2. Rosey Red

3. Bohemian Beats

4. Tweedly Do

Now I’m going to stop before I do any more!

Whoo har!! Something really flukey happened today!

I had an email from a guy who runs a site called
I wrote a review of a film called Bronco Bullfrog for the site a few years ago:

I did one for Billy Liar too which never got published. I cannot recall exactly how this came about?? I was absolutely obsessed with 60′s British films at the time… still am really.
We Dave the editor got back in touch to say that he really like the Blythe dolls on my woollyrockers site.

Now I am going to write a feature on Blythe dolls for
And Dave’s other site: ,which is really brilliant.

When I was doing writing for this site before I got press entry for loads of cool events including the launch party for the 60′s mod film season at the NFT..and met St. Rita!
I’m hoping to get a press entry and write a review of the forthcoming Sixties Graphics exhibition at the V&A! Cool!

I’m very excited about writing more reviews!!

Tess would like to say a big Thank You to Miss Nina and Corrina/Tzuki17.

Tess loved the postcard from the Bronte parsonage and the one from Whitby:



Tess has decided that he is going to try to write her own novel all about her childhood and her romantic adventures.
Tess sends lots of love to Miss Nina.

more here

I haven’t done a proper update in ages. I’ll try to do a few short, snappy ones today.
Last week on Friday I had a great evening with Carmen (AHobbit). We went to Liberty, to the pub and played dollies at my house. I think I scared Carmen with dollies and wool.

In other dollie news I said goodbye to my LL and handed her over to Becky (Stars for Lovers) on Wednesday. It was great to meet Becky. I liked her a lot! :)
I’m confident that Enid will be well looked after in Neasden. ;)


Dominique says goodbye.

The most exciting dollie news of all is that I have a new girl on the way – A beautiful Sherri custom!


(Photo by Sherri)
I am very excited. Now I definitely have to find a girl or two to sell. I don’t feel guilty about buying Miss Miller though because I wanted her..and nearly bought her a couple of months ago. :)

For Corrina/Tzuki17 and everyone else who has been celebrating St. Rita.

(Sorry about the flash pic)

I was lucky enough to meet the great boggled-eyed lady at a party for the launch of a 60′s/Mod film season at the NFT. A Taste of Honey is a special favourite.
We had quite a chat about how she was auditioned and the film’s director, Mr. Tony Richardson, a big hero of mine. :)
Hail St Rita!!
She is awesome. I love her in everything I have ever seen her in.