Smashie dilema & weekend sewing?

I’m in a huge quandary about Rita, my V-Smash.
When she came arrived I hardly took any pictures – because there were so many Smash pics around….and we didn’t get to bond. I had decided to sell her but…..

….I really like her today!!

What a dilemma?

I don’t think I’m ready to sell her – yet?? but maybe she’ll continue to be neglected – if I decide to keep her I’d like to matt her and give her bangs…because I love pictures I’ve seen with bangs, and I don’t like shiny girls?? But I don’t know that I’d get much for her so maybe it’s not worth it and I should keep her for now.
oooooh this is so tough!
Here’s a couple more pics. Ain’t she sweet?

She was great modeling this hot dot dress. Here she is with Honey (PWP)

and with a few t-shirts I made yesterday

I’m still pondering about Smashie! I have 21 girls now! Too many.

Id don’t think a 2nd hand Smash would make too much for a Kenner fund. The other option is to sell RN who’s another neglelcted redhead. Oh. I don’t know!!?? This is very difficult. I’m not looking for offers becasue I have been talking to a lovely lj friend who would be great to adopt Rita.and I don’t want to keep dithering for too much longer I promise.

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated.
I’m not usually this indecisive…guess I’ll wait and see how I feel??

Pink & PlumNew Woollyrockers Dress Set

Here’s my new Pink & Plum Dress Set:

Low starting Price:

The main fabric is a really lush Suede-like fabric. Pieces include:

1. Hat – peaked cap
2. Sweater with tie
3. Trousers/Pants
4. Reversible Skirt
5. Pink T-Shirt
6. Knitted bag with crochet panel

Please let me know if you have any questions or comment. All future sets will have proper hats like this. Are these hats useful?? Will people like them?!!! – because I went a bit nuts making them!! Any comments??

Thanks for looking!


I got tagged by rhibops. Here’s my 5 reasons why I am a dork:

1. I get extremely obsessive about things. Lots of things trying to know everything I can about a very narrow subject eg. British kitchen sink films. I rarely meet people who share my obscure passions. Right now I’m dying for a wispy brunette KB and can’t think about much else.

2. I have to have all my coat hangers facing the same way in my wardrobe. and they have to be all the same sort. I have some interfering green ones that I despise.

3. I think about work things at completely inappropriate times when I should be doing something else – like sleeping.

4. I like to make lists and tick things off when I’ve done them.

5. I don’t have much patience for things I can’t relate I switch off easily and retreat into a cosy world of my own making – with dollies, wool and nice fabric. I don’t like leaving it!

Dolls on film! Purely educational!!!

Hee hee! A while ago my dolls were used in a BBC training module. It was a great way to spend a day at work!

Seeing the whole thing come together was very exciting. It was only available internally but now it’s setup on the external servers so anyone can see it!

Click on Start Module 1, sort out the ‘pop up’ bloker if you need to, go to ‘explore’ and the dolls all under the red section and are used to demonstrate focus and lenses!!
Enjoy & learn!!