Piano man…

More presents for Jack!

Today I was walking by a charity shop and spotted in the window this piano shaped phone…..

 photo piano1_zpsc9ccc9ba.jpg

It needs a bit of a clean up and the leads removing but the scale is perfect for Jack!!

 photo piano3_zpsa525db37.jpg


He also need s a piano stool, or some sort of table,  as I’m sure he doesn’t want to sit on a Brian Wilson ‘Smile’ mug for his next tour!

 photo piano2_zps839df589.jpg

Lemon & Eggs

Billy wants some eggs.


Jack wants some lemons.


He also likes a little drink every once in a while.


He wants to go gambling (as always), but he REALLY wants to know what’s up with the real Bob’s next album.


And of course, they all love lovely chocolate cake!


Day Out in London Part 2 Soho

Hmmm! Why have I gone Black and White? Is it 1964 again? Where am I?

Uh! Yeah Denmark Street..Tin Pan Alley…More guitars!

 photo camdensoho9_zps235300c0.jpg

 photo camdensoho7_zps42f6a4af.jpg

 photo camdensoho8_zpsffee9413.jpg

Still Black and White? Where am I now? Soho! Ugh-Ohhh.. Trouble??

 photo camdensoho10_zpsd86e9c28.jpg

 photo camdensoho11_zpsd107ac4a.jpg


Ugh..Where did the ladies go and why am I in a book store. Oh yeah I’m famous!

 photo camdensoho12_zps4121f33a.jpg

Right said Jack, before you leave…

“Right, you gang of young Jacks,  There are a few things you need to know before you head out into the world”

 photo lesson1_zpse9134c0c.jpg

“Listen to me…..”
 photo lesson4_zpsc26cbb79.jpg

“This is a lemon…if you are feeling a bit croaky this should sort you out”
 photo lesson2_zps99957ead.jpg

“This is booze… You’ll like this, but it might get you trouble, so be careful you don’t end up in jail”

 photo lesson3_zps9ba02f43.jpg

“One last thing… perhaps the most important of all…. you have to learn to get attention of your audience!”

 photo lesson6_zps4fdfc31b.jpg

“… and strike a pose….”

 photo lesson5_zps80d548a4.jpg

“Now you all have go!…. Looking good”



 photo lesson8_zps084504ea.jpg

 photo lesson7_zpsdcaa25fa.jpg

“Not bad. I think we  probably all need a drink now…”


 photo lesson9_zpsd3fd15c4.jpg

 photo lesson10_zps2b049f0e.jpg


Yes…. We all deserve a drink.. Thanks Jack!