Welcome Billy! You want some Eggs?

A very special request.. for Jane Fate. A Billy Parker.  Here’s the real Billy Parker in Hearts of Fire. He has a couple more years, Baby, that’s all!

It was the Eighties!

 photo realbilly_zps7e5157a0.jpg

 photo th_zps0f230594.jpg


I had to do the best I could for Jane F I hope she is happy with him… after building him a barn and buying a lot of eggs.

I did my best! He has a motor cycle t-shirt, and an earring!


 photo billynew2_zps559ee3d8.jpg

Now to wake up Jane Fate with this in the morning!

 photo billynew4_zpsfa19f242.jpg

 photo billynew3_zps3b4f4691.jpg

 photo billynew6_zps0d034c86.jpg

Jack Fate on the Town!

Last night  we were a little early for Burt Bacharah at the Royal Festival Hall, so… after a bite of sushi in Embankment Gardens we went to hang out in the Savoy alley with the new Jack Fate. He was a  bit bewildered and he thought he’d been there before and was kidding us about time travelling…

 photo alleyay_zpse8d6db05.jpg


He met a couple of fans in the alley who were also scouting Bob locations around London. Unfortunately they didn’t have a camera so I took a couple of pictures of them in the Bob/Ginsberg poses and had a chat…

 photo alleymates2_zps6db3eece.jpg

Guys… leave your email in the comments here or get in touch (woollyrockers@gmail.com) and I’ll email you the pictures. I took 2 for you.


We arrived at the Royal Festival Hall…. Jack thought he might have been there too but couldn’t quite remember ..possibly 1965? He was a bit far back..

 photo LondonRoyalfestivalhallevening2_zps0e41978f.jpg

 photo LondonRoyalfestivalhallevening1_zpsc3b48fc2.jpg


Afterwards, Jack wanted to take a walk around the South Bank:

 photo LondonRoyalfestivalhallevening3_zpsbbdd3ae4.jpg

Jack and the Spirit on the Water. He liked Big Ben and thought he might like to go inside but he wasn’t too keen on the current government. He’d do better himself.

 photo LondonRoyalfestivalhallevening5_zpsab51fa0a.jpg


Shame the National Gallery was closed.. maybe next time?

 photo LondonRoyalfestivalhallevening7_zpsf2436a0b.jpg

Jerry Garcia….

I said a while ago that I’d like to try and make a Jerry Garcia in wool… because I think he’d work really well & I’m a fan.

Here is the Real Jerry Garcia & Tiger (Custom Guitar)
 photo realjerry2_zps26ac9776.jpg


 photo realjerry3tiger_zps2c5ecfad.jpg


I think he turned out pretty well! Jerry has a black T-shirt, Jeans, sneakers and dark denim shirt, glasses & guitar.


 photo jerrywguitar_zps739ee137.jpg

Tiger…. I tried to do the skeleton as well as I could at very small sale.

 photo tigercustomguitar_zps30bc1f84.jpg


Jamming with Jack……

 photo JerryJack2_zpsa73f6269.jpg

Hey .. you should come on tour with us Bob?  But that’s another story!

 photo JerryJack3_zps559fb9b8.jpg

Sunday Update….& Line Up!

I finished 2 of the Jack Fates Ive been working on. I wanted to get this group shot of all the Bobs together because Alias & Subterranean Bob have new homes,  so before they go, here they all are!

 photo Bobslineup_zps944a8186.jpg


From the left…..Alias (From Pat Garret & Billy the Kid film), Renaldo/Rolling Thunder Revue, Jack Fate (Masked & Anonymous), Subterranean HomeSick/Alley way Bob,  1966 Houndstooth Bob.


Two more Rockers are read to hit the road! Here are Rolling Thunder Bob and Jack Fate for Ryan. Posting tomorrow.

 photo ryan2_zps829172f8.jpg

 photo ryan1_zpsc53ed77f.jpg


Now that I have a Jack Fate I can play too! See Jack needs booze, lemons, toast, eggs and cards… for gambling!

 photo hi2_zps6610b60c.jpg


Other Jack-related developments. Last week I went to Amsterdam for a Blythe doll show and stayed with some lovely friends Mark & Marcella…

The lovely Marcella at Oh My Lucky Stars Design made a very special custom necklace featuring our favorite Mr Fate.

It’s a very special unique, one off present for Jane F.    :)

 photo jfpendant_zps270bd257.jpg

More Jacks to finish up now……2 Billy Parkers, Jerry Garcia & World gone Wrong Bob!

Trav’lin’ in the North Country Fair

We decided to stay over in Flensburg after the show to watch the World Cup semi final of Germany vs Brazil. So we grabbed our backpacks and drove up to the very North end of Germany and found a room in nearby Tarp before heading for the venue.


It was windy but not too cold, the seagulls were crying and the overall mood was very weird. Road weariness was taking over, welcome or not. I was trying not to get pulled into it. I wanted to enjoy the show. I wanted to see more shows. It didn’t have that “last show of a tour” feeling at all.

There were three doors to queue at, so we chose the shortest line with just two other people. We were pretty much alone there until just before the doors opened. Running downstairs in the dark is always a bit of an adventure (we don’t want any more broken hips), but we secured an okay spot at the rail again, got beers and settled in for another hours’ wait.

The latest in stage decoration was moving the mirrors from the stage and onto the speakers in the pit between the stage and the rail. Even though, all you could see in them were people’s chests – it wasn’t even like for some reason he wanted us to look at ourselves. I tried getting a photo of this new setup for people back home on ER, but was warned immediately not to take any pictures. Still, I had to sneak a picture of the boys at the rail.


This got me another warning, and even though I argued that there wasn’t even anyone on stage yet, I was told not to photograph “these things” either. I frowned at him for calling the boys “things” and sat back down on the floor to mail off the photo. It’s one of my favourites so far, symbolic of friends on the road.

It was the good concert that I wanted it to be, even though the second half was far more energetic than the first. There was a nice little lyric twist in, “Thought you never looked like someone I used to know, she said,” ;-) but also a few nice little quiet personal moments. I left the rail during lemon time to wander around the venue, said goodbye to some friends I ran into, then returned for one last extra hour. We knew we’d have one hour between the end of the show and the beginning of the match, so we started waving flags and cheering Bob on to sing faster and do less plink plonk piano playing during Watchtower. We had some fun that day teasing him.

It was still light outside, just after 9 pm, when the show was over, and we got to wave goodbye to the buses as Bob left for Denmark. Bye bye, Bob – see you next year!

Back where we had our rented room, people were gathering in the yard, obviously for a private viewing party of the semi final. We got invited into their barn turned party room to watch it with them! Of course, I was thinking about Billy Parker all the time, sitting there in an actual barn.


There was a heavy thunderstorm going on outside, but even though the screen temporarily went blank, we didn’t miss any of the 7 : 1 goals, and got free free drinks every time the German team scored. A good time was had by all.


Then we went home, but started planning for future adventures immediately. Jack will be seeing Neil Young with me next week, and both the boys will join Liz and me for Dave Bromberg / Larry Campbell and Joan Baez concerts in a few weeks.

Stay tuned….

Jane Fate

Renaldo in Rostock

Renaldo typing. If everybody blogs, I wanna blog. All Jack and Jane are talking about these days is the bar (and football). That’s alright, I’m always for drinking white rum in any bar, but there are more touring adventures to report.


While still on break from touring, I had a secret Desire photo session.


We might still need these later, at least the ones Oskar the cat didn’t photo-bomb in on.


Soon it was time to get back on the road again for our last two shows this tour. We travelled back and forth between JF’s friend’s home and the shows at Rostock and Flensburg, so it didn’t really feel like touring at all, but we tried. We were on a mission, too.

Rostock, here we come….


It’s always good to see the BEATTHESTREET buses…


…and Rock’N’Roll trucks, just to know that this is really real and we’re in the right place to see the real Bob.


Even though Jack is friends with the real Bob now, he still makes us queue. Hope he’ll send us passes next time around and lets us travel with him.


Even though (so it was claimed) only one key exists for the doors to Stadthalle Rostock and our door was the last to open and we were stopped again for protesting too much once the door finally was open, we made it to the rail again. Ouf….

Blurry us in front of the stage:


Even though we were right at the rail, we got the best seat in the house, and the most comfortable one, too.


Unfortunately, the sound was real bad that day, to the point it was painful. Also we could hardly see the real us, since the lights from behind him were shining in our eyes for most of the show. Still, it had its moments.

That night on the highway, we were with the buses for a good long time, until they turned off direction Flensburg.

Back home, even I was too tired to drink. We just fell asleep…



Ramblin’ Renaldo