Highway 61!!

OK…. One more Bob done!!!

I finished this Highway 61 Bob last light. I’m going out to night to see Sid Griffin, so I thought I need to to introduce a new Bob! He’s met Jack Fate twice already.
 photo Hwy611.jpg

I tried to get the detail right for the Triumph Motorcycle T-shirt!
 photo Hwy61detail.jpg

Next step.. try to set up to photograph the LP cover. I’m sure I can use a Blythe doll to stand at the back holding a camera.
 photo Hwycover.jpg

I have so many more to finish but they are all really close. Mainly just needing hair!

I have a feeling these might all need to stay with Jane Fate in Germany for a while & I need to stop making these… because it makes me feel like a crazy person!

 photo inprogress.jpg

Three new Jack Fate’s available now

I have just today completed three more Jack Fates. That’s Bob Dylan’s ‘Masked and Anonymous’ character form on 2003 film.
These are all ready to post now in time for Christmas.

 photo December20141.jpgYou will get…
Jack Fate
Miniature Replica guitar (black Fender telecaster)
Adjustable Guitar strap
Certificate, signed and numbered
Gift box

These are all numbered limited editions and these three are numbers eleven to thirteen. Each doll takes around 8 to 10 hours to complete. They have a strong wire frame inside which means that it’s very easy for him to stand up by himself and his arms can easily be moved around to strum the guitar.

I am asking £90 for each doll, plus postage depending on where he’s travelling to.

Interested.. maybe? Please send an email to Liz  woollyrockers@gmail.com

These guys need to find good homes!

 photo December20144.jpg

 photo December20146.jpg

Jackie Greene…… Times Three!

I had a special request from a lovely lady called Lisa,who already has a Jack Fate & previously ordered Jerry Garcia too, to make not one Jackie Greene, but three!
 photo finishedjackie4.jpg

Jackie Greene plays a lot with Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, former member of the Grateful Dead. It was a challenge to get them all as identical as possible. After a bit of picture research we decided on the white Gibson SG guitars with the braid straps.
 photo finishedjackie1.jpg

This is the picture I based that on…….
 photo images-1.jpeg

The great thing about this is that Lisa tells me that one of these is actually for the man himself! Now.. That’s a first for me. Maybe after Chritmas we’ll see the Real Jackie Greene with his woolly self!? Who know…. it would be great.
 photo Jackie-Greene10-400x292.jpg

I enjoyed listening to some of his songs.  I like him.

Lost On The River…. Thoughts.

A joint effort by Liz & Jane Fate….

Liz… The first listen was a little odd. With every new track there was the unfamiliar sound. I kept thinking to myself…’What’s going on, Liz? You don’t usually listen to things that sound like this?’ What I mean is it sounded new, contemporary especially in the production. I kept reminding myself that these were lost Dylan lyrics from 1967, but instantly the songs stood up in their own right. There was no incongruity between lyrics and the treatment of them. What this project has done has really successfully brought them back to life!

Songs, in no particular order….

Nothing To It

Liz – This was the first of the tracks to be previewed in full with animated video Bob writing. I loved this track immediately. It has a swing kind of beat. I found that that listening to this on a mobile device really adds a bit of bounce to your step. I think the lyrics show depth. They are possibl

The song is 3 1/2 minutes but I actually love the last adventurous minute of freak out fuzz guitar. A big psychedelic final blast with the mumbling vocals about “to die… etc” I think makes this something else showing the range of musicians selected for the project. I was looking forward to this getting a bit of radio play. It could’ve, should’ve, but it sadly didn’t seem to get. Great though…

When I Get My Hands On You

Liz – Standout track for me. I think it takes risks with fabulous results. The simple, sparse Bom Bom Bom Bom refrain is unexpected, but successful. The lyrics though!!!

When I get my hands on you
Gonna make you marry me
And now you know
Everywhere on Earth you go
You’re gonna have me as your man

That does it for me!  *Swoon*. I wonder if it was finding this that started the whole project?

Jane says……..Another top favourite. Such passion… but such sadness, too. Sounds of raindrops and tears. Something is saying that it just isn’t going to happen.

Spanish Mary
Jane says……..An instant folk song of the kind Bob might have covered ca. 1994, along the lines of Long Black Veil or The Lady Came From Baltimore. Proof positive if anyone needed it he didn’t disown his folkie roots, but kept drawing on them. As he told Playboy in February 1966, “There’s nobody that’s going to kill traditional music. All these songs about roses growing out of people’s brains and lovers who are really geese and swans that turn into angels – they’re not going to die.” Seven Curses, anyone?

Liz says….. Beautiful vocal from Rhiannon Giddens delivered with subtlety and power. It reminds me a lot of the folk ballad tradition too. I’d liken it to House Carpenter, or the more dramatic title I prefer, Ballad of the Demon Lover!

There were three sailors, bold and true
With cargo they did carry
They sailed away on the ocean blue
For the love of Spanish Mary

Down On The Bottom
Jane says…….What I find somewhat surprising about Sid Griffin’s assessment of The New Basement Tapes’ opening track is that he thinks it’s close in it’s sound to Time Out Of Mind – surprising since it never once reminded me of my favourite Dylan album (sorry, Sid!), though I think I can see what he’s getting at. That drifting, underwater sound and the effect on the vocal, which is somewhat incongruous in itself on this song – after all, it’s “down to the last drop.” Anyway, it doesn’t sound like any incarnation of Bob to me at all, which to my mind is a good thing. This is not an imitator’s record. If anything, it’s closer to Jakob Dylan’s sound than to Bob’s. What it does recall, though in reverse, is a line on Time Out Of Mind, in Tryin’ To Get To Heaven: “If you think you’ve lost everything / you find out you can always lose a little more.” Never mind he nicked the line from Henry Rollins – the sentiment remains.

Liz says…Ooooh… We only say great things about our pal, Sid. But I, too wonder why he said that? I don’t think this is a great opening track. I find it a little too sombre.

Kansas City
Jane says………One of my top favourites of favourites. Of course, there is a certain irony in the chorus – what with 2014 NET Bob & all this repetition? “And I love you dear, but just how long / Can I keep singing the same old song?” How long indeed? And how long, for love, can we keep listening to them? The irony of ironies, of course, is that his latest tour at the time of writing this song also featured a quite stagnant setlist, and yet is hailed as the tour of tours. He probably didn’t waste a single thought on touring at the time, even though the band was still on his payroll. Musically, I just love the singability of it, but then there are the emotional stirrings – all that waiting and reaching out in vain. The train sounds on the track are quite fitting once you think about it. Someone’s certainly planning leaving quite concretely here. Bob must have had a thing about Kansas City at the time, wonder what it was?

Liz – hmm for me,  it’s just ok. If I were to play this ‘out loud’, I’d worry people would start to ask me if I like Ryan Adams?! This happened to me once….. (I’m still traumatised). I guess it’s a pretty successful ‘rock’ treatment for the masses.

Married to my Hack
Liz says….. Just under 2 minutes of strangeness about making lunch, swimming women, air-cooled breaks, goose eyed ladies, carburettors.. & what is a hack anyway? Quite a heavy weird sounding track with Elvis Costello on lead vocal. Backing includes lots of Ooooohs & dabadoos, which sound improvised. Not a clue what it’s about? I like it.

Duncan and Jimmy
Liz says…… This was one that grabbed me instantly. Very catchy stomping bluegrass! I love the banjo and the vocal from Rhiannon Giddons with a bit of Grrrr! I’m intrigued…. who are Duncan & Jimmy? What’s their relationship? What’s happening here?!?

Liberty Street
Jane says……..Great tune, with a fabulous opening line. It could have gone anywhere from there, which does make me wish for an actual Dylan version.

Liz says…. I find this one a tad bewildering what are these references to Baby Snooks and things from the fifties that no one gets anymore? For me I’d like a bit of something else in it. Pedal steel? Banjo? Yes it’s very sparse and minimal and there’s a lot to be said for that. I wouldn’t surprise me if there was another different take of this on this on Volume 2….

Lost On The River #12
Jane says……..Come in, she said, I’ll give you shelter from the storm… and hints of Lay Lady Lay, too. Enough said.

Liz says… Elvis Costello on this one. Hmm? I was never a massive fan. I find this a teeny bit bland.. not a stand out for me.

Florida Key
Jane says……….“It’s getting harder and harder to be me” – one of those classic Gemini-schizophrenic Bob Dylan identity lines that he comes out with time and time again. Don’t call it confusion – he’s been moving towards capturing the pain of those shifting identities so brilliantly on Blood On The Tracks and in Renaldo & Clara for a long time. After all, we know that the ghost too was more than one person.
Then in the midst of it all, a genuinely basementy off-hand line like, “Need a little sunshine in my beer.” In my mind, his comic potential is much underrated, esp. by those who only ever like their Dylan serious.

Liz says…. I love this one too. There’s a lot to like. Beautiful lyrics, great melody, nicely structured… very complete & satisfying. Hmm. Blood on the Tracks like, eh? Could be that’s why I like it so much.

Card Shark
Jane says………A song for Jack. Gambling!! A very catchy tune. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with this on my mind, and it’s not even that far up on my favourites list – just a nice fun piece.

Liz says… absolutely, I love this one too!

Diamond Ring
Jane says……….Even though the “if ever” doesn’t make for a very promising start, the song overall sounds far more hopeful than When I Get My Hands On You. In any case, as with Kansas City, Bob must have been eager to head for Wichita in those days. Might be the song is a more serious cousin to Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread.

Quick Like A Flash
Liz says…..Promising violin intro but for me a strange sound, nothing like ‘Desire‘ at all! the bass is very prominentand there’s not much guitar. It sounds the most out of place in the collection, to my ears. The backing vocals sound compressed and unnatural but to be admired for a bit of risk taking.

Liz says……..I love the lyrics to this. I’m sure Bob had a lot of experience of situations like this, being a mega star and all!

Never fall in love with a stranger
And that, son, they all said to me
And never fall in love with a stranger
But I can’t help it if she falls in love with me

But it’s how the melody works with these lines, that really makes me smile…

She knows that our love more than any river flows
And I’m done now, all of my intentions are exposed
Not hidden in my clothes
Or in between my toes

A lovely odd little song. I like these peculiar ones!

A word for the Hidee Hidee Ho’s Nos 11 & 16
Liz… Some risqué lyrics here, much the same for both treatments of this song. I’m ever so slightly uncomfortable with the really breathy one!

Number 11 has this extra verse about ropes and bumps etc.

Hidee Hidee Ho (making love on the highway bump)
Hidee Hidee Hee (making love in a pile of rope)
Hidee Hidee Hoo (making love on the driveway ramp)

Final thoughts (Liz)
Readers of the Dylan persuasion have probably already got this. If not I’d seriously recommend a look at the animated videos, which are a little bit of art in their own right. They really add something to the songs, for me.

In the light of this new material I do worry that the Dylan obsessives are , right now doing some serious reviewing of all the biographical information available in the light of potential ‘insights’ from these songs. (I’m afraid that when I see ‘new insights’ on a Dylan biography, I read this as more made up nonsense & speculation.) Apparently in just 2 week these guys did all these tracks plus another albums worth. Stand by for Revisionist biographies after Part 2. Personally, I’ll be happy with more tracks like these!

Find out more here…




Roll On, John and George

Jack was in Hamburg recently, tracing The Beatles’ footsteps…

…and got to stand in the doorway John Lennon stood in all those years ago (at Wohlwillstraße 22, Eingang Jägerpassage 1).

Unfortunarely, one a short snippet of the first live Roll On, John is available on video.

Of course, Jack was also remembering George, because they were “such great buddies” and Wilbury brothers.

In A Basement Down The Stairs (Under Cover)

Being a highly unscientific listing of possible basement cover influences.

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue – Ian & Sylvia – 1963
The Royal Canal – Ian & Sylvia – 1963
Po’ Lazarus – Ian & Sylvia – 1963
Four Strong Winds – Ian & Sylvia – 1963
One Single River – Ian & Sylvia – 1965
A Satisfied Mind – Ian & Sylvia – 1965
The French Girl – Ian & Sylvia – 1966
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies – Ian & Sylvia – 1967
Big River – Ian & Sylvia – 1967

Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash – 1955
New Mexico – Johnny Cash – 1955, released 1964
Belshazzar – Johnny Cash – 1957
Big River – Johnny Cash – 1957
You Win Again – Johnny Cash – 1960
Still In Town – Johnny Cash – 1964
Wildwood Flower – Johnny Cash – 1964

Wildwood Flower – Joan Baez – 1960
The Trees They Do Grow High – Joan Baez – 1961
A Satisfied Mind – Joan Baez – 1965
If You Were A Carpenter – Joan Baez – 1967
Wildwood Flower – Joan Baez – 1960
A Satisfied Mind – Joan Baez – 1965
If You Were A Carpenter – Joan Baez – 1967

Johnny Todd – Ewan MacColl – 1957
Rosin’ The Bow – A.L. Lloyd – 1962
A Long Time A-Growin’ – Ewan MacColl – 1960
The Trees They Do Grow High – A.L. Lloyd – 1960
Johnny Todd – A.L. Lloyd & Ewan MacColl – 1963
Bonnie Ship The Diamond – A.L. Lloyd – 1967

Rosin’ The Bow – Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem – 1959
The Royal Canal – Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem – 1964
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies – Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem – 1964
The Royal Canal – Liam Clancy – 1965
Lang Time A-Growin’ – Liam Clancy – 1965

Wildwood Flower – The Carter Family – 1928
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies – The Carter Family – 1932
See That My Grave’s Kept Clean – The Carter Family – 1933
Can The Circle Be Unbroken (By And By) – The Carter Family – 1935
Four Strong Winds – The Carter Family – 1965

My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Hank Williams – 1949
Cool Water – Hank Williams – ca. 1948/49
You Win Again – Hank Williams – 1952
Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw – Luke the Drifter (aka Hank Williams) – 1952

Buffalo Skinners – Pete Seeger – 1956
The Bells of Rhymney – Pete Seeger – 1958
She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain – Pete Seeger – 1958
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue – Pete Seeger – 1960

Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad – Woody Guthrie – 1940
Dead Or Alive – Woody Guthrie – 1944
900 Miles – Woody Guthrie – 1944
Buffalo Skinners – Woody Guthrie – 1945

Bonnie Ship The Diamond – Judy Collins – 1962
The Bells of Rhymney – Judy Collins – 1963
Bonnie Boy Is Young – Judy Collins – 1964

The Bells of Rhymney – The Byrds – 1965
A Satisfied Mind – The Byrds – 1965
The French Girl – Gene Clark – 1967

Buffalo Skinners – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott & Derroll Adams – 1957
Cool Water – Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – 1962
900 Miles – Derroll Adams – 1966

(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such As I – Hank Snow – 1953
I Don’t Hurt Anymore – Hank Snow – 1954
Cool Water – Hank Snow – 1965

All American Boy – Bobby Bare – 1958
500 Miles Away From Home – Bobby Bare – 1963
Four Strong Winds – Bobby Bare – 1964

Joshua Gone Barbados – Eric Von Schmidt – 1963
Buffalo Skinners – Eric Von Schmidt – 1963
Down On Me – Eric Von Schmidt – 1963

Will The Circle Be Unbroken – The Staple Singers – 1960
Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw – The Staple Singers – 1964

Mr Blue – The Fleetwoods – 1959
Confidential To Me – The Fleetwoods – 1959

See That My Grave’s Kept Clean – Dave van Ronk – 1961
Po’ Lazarus – Dave van Ronk – 1963

I’m In The Mood – John Lee Hooker – 1951
Tupelo – John Lee Hooker – 1959

All I Have To Do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers – 1958
People Get Ready – The Everly Brothers – 1965

Wildwood Flower – The Stanley Brothers – 1961
Will The Circle Be Unbroken – The Stanley Brothers – 1964

My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Hank Williams Jr. – 1964
You Win Again – Hank Williams Jr. – 1964

My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – Ricky Nelson – 1958
Waltzing With Sin – Sonny Burns – ?
Cool Water – Odetta – 1963
They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Aroun’ – New Christy Minstrels – 1965
Baby, Ain’t That Fine – Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery – 1966
Rock Salt And Nails – Flatt & Scruggs – 1965
(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such As I – Elvis Presley – 1959
People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions – 1965
People Get Ready – The Chambers Brothers – 1966
I Don’t Hurt Anymore – Dinah Washington – 1954
Young But Growing – Paul Clayton – 1959
The Trees They Do Grow High – Martin Carthy – 1965
Buffalo Skinners – Cisco Houston – 1961
Buffalo Skinners – Jim Kweskin – 1965
See That My Grave’s Kept Clean – Blind Lemon Jefferson – 1928
Flight Of The Bumble Bee – José Feliciano – 1965
If I Were A Carpenter – Tim Hardin – 1967
All I Have To Do Is Dream – Roy Orbison – 1963
Will The Circle Be Unbroken – The Monroe Brothers – 1936
Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad – Elizabeth Cotten – 1958
Silhouettes – The Rays – 1957
Silhouettes – Herman’s Hermits – 1965
Confidential To Me – Sonny Knight – 1956
Four Strong Winds – The Brothers Four – 1964
Four Strong Winds – The Seekers – 1965
One Kind Favor – Koerner, Ray & Glover – 1963
Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw – Porter Wagoner – 1963
Four Strong Winds (Quatre Vents) – Hugues Aufray – 1964